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EducationCity's curriculum-linked teaching and learning resources are perfect for supplementing your normal classroom teaching and support many of the moderate and high impact areas as identified by the Education Endowment Foundation.

Read on to find out more about the areas we can support.

Digital Technology

The use of digital technology such as EducationCity in the classroom should be driven by teaching and learning goals which is why all of our content is correlated to curriculum objectives.

Here’s how our resources can be used to supplement your existing teaching and learning strategies.

Learn Screens
Animated introductions to a specific concept which are often partnered with an Activity. Perfect for lesson starters and can be paused to allow time for classroom-based activities.
A bank of engaging curriculum-linked questions which provide reinforcement after each answer. Great for practising a topic you’ve just covered and can be used as a class or independently.
Topic Tools
Interactive teacher-led whiteboard tools which are great for encouraging students to collaborate. You can also upload your own text or data and print worksheets for follow-up activities.


Our phonics areas aim to boost phonetic understanding from the earliest possible stage helping students to master the basics of reading.

Our Phonics Content

The phonics Activities are designed to develop key skills, including recognising target sounds in words, blending and segmenting, modelling the correct letter formation and using phonic knowledge to write words as they sound.

The Activities use clear graphics featuring environments familiar to the children, so even the youngest of learners can relate to the content and transfer the literacy skills and language they acquire from it easily to their everyday lives.


Break subjects down into manageable units of work with our MyCity feature - you can ensure your students have mastered these before moving onto the next unit.

Manage Mastery

MyCity allows you to order any content sequentially with a required level of achievement before unlocking the next piece of content. Students can attempt the content as many time as they like to achieve the required level with a random set of questions presented each time.

Improve Achievement

You can then set an Assessment. If students achieve less than the specified level of achievement, a Revision Journal is generated to target areas for improvement. Students can work through this until they achieve the required score to indicate that they have mastered the concept.


Our resources provide automatic feedback to both teachers and students at various points throughout the learning process in the form of reinforcement and performance tracking.

Instant Reinforcement

Activities offer reinforcement after an incorrect answer to address students’ misunderstanding and improve their knowledge for the next question. Assessments give students a score instantly. They can then go back and review the questions with explanations given for both correct and incorrect answers**.

Instant Feedback

All scores for Activities and Assessments are logged in SuccessTracker. From here, you will be able to see at a glance how students are performing and give instant feedback to students. Alternatively, you can pull information into a report to analyse progress over time and give more constructive, long-term feedback.

**This applies for all but summative assessments.

Parental Involvement

EducationCity can be accessed in school and at home, encouraging students to participate in structured learning at home with the support of their parents.

Structured Home Learning

Homework can be set through a MyCity to provide students with a structured learning path visible to parents. It can include content such as Learn Screens to provide reinforcement for students and also to help parents understand the topic their child is learning.

Visible Progress

Parents can keep track of their child’s progress via MySuccess which will show performance in Classwork, Homework and any content their child has played independently. This is a great way for them to see how their child is performing and if they need any additional support.

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