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Great Classroom Activities for the Last School Day Before Christmas

As we’re sure you’ll be looking forward to winding down for the last day of the year, we wanted to give you some quick ideas for classroom activities you can...

As we’re sure you’ll be looking forward to winding down for the last day of the year, we wanted to give you some quick ideas for classroom activities you can do with your students for the final school day of the term.

Perfect as a small activity or for your Christmas classroom party, all our activities are easy to set up and also help communication, leadership and listening skills. Take a look!


Snowball Throw

Grab some white beanbags or Styrofoam balls and ask your students to take it in turns trying to throw them through Christmas-decorated rings or Christmas wreaths. It’s a super fun indoor snowball toss! By making sure you keep a score, you can see who successfully throws the snowballs through most and maybe offer a prize for the highest score.



Not only is this an absolute classic, it’s a super fun game too and really easy to do. With the topic of Christmas, ask your students to think of a Christmas movie or book and then take turns to act out what it is without talking (students can do this via the syllables or words of what needs to be guessed) – it’s super fun and encourages team work!


The Name Game

This game is all about guess work. Sitting in a circle, give your students a sticky note each and then ask them to write the name of a famous person or character on them without anyone seeing what they write. Then ask them to stick the sticky note on the forehead of the person next to them. Your students now need to take it in turns to ask one question about what is on their sticky note and when they’ve guessed the person or character, take it off and help everyone else work out theirs.


Pass the Parcel

Perfect for if you’re having a Christmas classroom party, we simply can’t forget the classic game of pass the parcel! Wrap something small like a chocolate bar into several layers of Christmas wrapping paper and add mini prizes into each layer. Give your students the wrapped-up gift and play music. Stop the music at random intervals and when the music stops, whoever is holding the package gets to unwrap one layer and see what prize they get. To make it fair, you could wrap something up on the final layer that can be shared by the whole class such as a chocolate selection box. 


Word Search

Okay, so who doesn’t love a word search? Create a Christmas-themed word search and add all the words you want your students to find to our Word Search Topic Tool (search for it on EducationCity). Once you’ve added in the words, you can then print the word search out or do it as a class on the whiteboard – a perfect activity!


Have a great Christmas holiday everyone! 

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