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Assess and Learn with EducationCity for Home Educators

Gives home educators and parents the tools to assess whilst providing fun learning.

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Support your child’s learning with EducationCity

Access to thousands of engaging online learning resources covering maths, English and science for children aged 3-12. With lesson planning tools, assessment tools and more, it’s easy to learn at home!

Align learning to curriculum requirements

Created by teachers, resources are aligned to many curriculums, including the National Curriculum in England, Curriculum for Excellence, Framework for Children’s Learning and the Northern Ireland Curriculum, so you can meet learning objectives.

Assess your child's understanding and view scores

Assessing children is made easy with formative, unit and summative assessments in the core subjects. And, with our Revision Journals (where they're available), you'll be able to fill any knowledge gaps that have been identified.

Monitor progress and view your child's scores

We know many home educators and parents want to see how their children are getting on. For any assessment or activity taken, you can see scores and set work again if it needs following up.

Create a personalised learning journey for your child

Giving you the flexibility to create lessons, you can create MyCities, folders where you put any resources you want your child to focus on in, and then set the work for when you need.

Encourage independent learning at home

Your children can go on EducationCity when they want, and learn how they want too. With 24/7 access to all the resources, learning is always a small reach away!

Home educator controls for added flexibility

With controls to make sure children are accessing certain areas you want them to and the ability to choose learning options, EducationCity considers your needs and gives you flexibility!

Let us help you support your teaching and your child’s learning…

Thousands of engaging resources across maths, English and science.

24/7 access to curriculum-aligned resources covering a number of year levels

Resources to suit many abilities and learner types

Developed by educators and teachers

Access for up to five children per subscription

Ability to set work for your children to focus on certain objectives

Assessment tools to analyse your children’s strengths and weaknesses

Tablet-friendly resources

Only £89 for your first child per year*!

Discounts are available for additional children.

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