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Our Cross-Curricular Resources



We have over 8,000 educational resources, which are correlated to several different curricula and can support many others. Topic-based in structure, EducationCity's resources can easily be adapted to fit the learning objectives you're looking to address.

In addition to this, in areas where there has been strong demand, we have adapted EducationCity to meet cultural sensitivities, country-specific units of measurement and special characters, so schools can enjoy using EducationCity in a context relevant to their students.

EducationCity is also the perfect tool to support English language learners. Find out more.

British Curricula



EducationCity supports the objectives in the National Curriculum for England, the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, the National Curriculum and the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework for Wales, and the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

This means teachers can meet key objectives across all subjects using our interactive, media-rich learning resources.


The table below shows the academic levels we cover in England:

Please note, these are the levels that exist on the resource. The name that they appear as can be changed within our system settings (Preferences).

What do we cover?

US Curricula



EducationCity supports teaching and learning in five elementary subjects and includes content which is aligned to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, to support your lesson planning needs.


The table below shows the academic levels we cover in the United States:

What do we cover?

Don’t teach to these curricula?

We work with a multitude of international schools which follow a diverse range of academic curricula including, but not limited to, the US Curriculum, the CBSE curriculum in India, the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).

For more information on how we can support your school, contact us. You'll find our details in the Support area.

Don't have English as your first language?

EducationCity is the perfect tool to support English language learners.

Our Learn English resources develop social and conversational skills, whilst our English & Literacy, Mathematics & Numeracy, Science and Computing content supports academic language development in the context of the key subjects.

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