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PlayLive Challenge Week: Day 5 Worksheets

Ready to take on the PlayLive Maths Challenge on 21st and 22nd June*?

This pack is one of a series that looks to hone your students’ word creation and spelling skills with a view to helping them achieve the very best score they can in the PlayLive English Challenge. This pack in particular concentrates on suffixes.

It includes worksheets, with answer sheets, a classroom-based activity idea, as well as ThinkIts, to help your students search out both a greater number of words, and longer words, by adding suffixes to them, with the overall objective being to achieve a high score worthy of the leader board!


Suitable For: 5-11 Year Olds


What’s in the Pack?

This pack includes:

• Activity Idea: The Affix Garden
• Worksheet and Answer Sheet: Spelling
• ThinkIt: What Will I Be?
• ThinkIt: Suffix Time -less
• ThinkIt: Suffix Time -ful
• ThinkIt: Suffix Time -ly
• Worksheet and Answer Sheet: Spelling
• Worksheet and Answer Sheet: Spelling


* PlayLive Challenge Day is on the 21st June for international schools and on the 22nd June for UK-based schools.

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