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Seven more school days until Christmas!

The endless To Do list is slowly being dwindled down to the last few items:-Christmas decorations made                 TICKNativity play rehearsed and performed TICKChristmas panto trip organised             TICKChristmas parties planned                     TICKFestive feeling established                     ??? Why not...

The endless To Do list is slowly being dwindled down to the last few items:-

Christmas decorations made                 TICK
Nativity play rehearsed and performed TICK
Christmas panto trip organised             TICK
Christmas parties planned                     TICK

Festive feeling established                     ???


Why not spend some time with the class on a festive word search?

You could discuss Christmas items as a class and then complete the search as small groups.

To find our Word Search tool, just select Literacy from the Subject Select page and then choose Topic Tools. You’ll find the Word Search tool in the left hand column towards the bottom.

Happy searching! 

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