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English & Literacy

EducationCity’s English and Literacy resources combine exciting, engaging, educational resources to teach, then reinforce, literacy-based learning objectives, to equip your students with the language skills they need to communicate effectively and creatively.


Our phonics areas aim to boost phonetic understanding from the earliest stage. The Activities use clear graphics featuring environments familiar to the children so even the youngest of learners can relate and easily transfer the literacy skills and language they acquire to their everyday lives.

SPaG Resources

Our SPaG Activities, Learn Screens and worksheets are a must-see for older students and teachers to help them address the key spelling, punctuation and grammar objectives. From understanding punctuation marks and homophones, to identifying prepositions and spelling polysyllabic words, it’s all here.

English Assessments

Take a look at our new Reading Comprehension, Spelling and Punctuation & Grammar assessments for each year group. You can get your students practising in advance of their real tests, and familiarise them with their structure.

After taking the Grammar and Punctuation Assessments, a personalised Revision Journal is generated to help your students revise and improve in their own areas of weakness.

PlayLive English

You have to try our PlayLive English challenge. It’s a word-formation game where students compete against other children to find as many words as they can within 60 seconds – teachers love to try it too!

Take a look at our other PlayLive challenge in PlayLive Maths.

Top Picks

Take a look at some of our Activities below. They are completely FREE to access.

I See Words

Age 5-6

Formative Reading Assessment

Age 6-7

Terrifying Temple

Age 9-10

"We use the phonics area a lot in daily phonics sessions as a whole class, and also as catch-up in small groups or as individual practice work."

Miss Cook,
Teacher & Computing Coordinator, Greyfriars Primary School, Norfolk

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