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Super Cool Craft Ideas for Father’s Day

As it’s Father’s Day on the 17th June, we thought we’d share a few craft ideas we just adore!

We just love handcrafted gift ideas you can share with your students so they can give their dad something extra special this year.

Let’s explore a few we found…

Please note that for some of these craft ideas, adult supervision may be needed!

Nuts & Bolts FrameFathers Day Craft Ideas

What you’ll need:



  1. First, ask your students to paint each of their four lollipop sticks and leave to dry.
  2. Once the paint is dry, simply glue them together in a square, so that each end is overlapping each other.
  3. When dry, glue the nuts and bolts to the frame (be sure not to add too many, else it might weigh down the frame).
  4. Then whilst these are drying in place, ask students to write a note to their dad, it might simply say something like ‘Thank you for everything you do’ or ‘You’re the best!’.
  5. Stick the note to a square piece of cardboard to hold the note in place and stick it to the back of the frame.


Source: https://b-inspiredmama.com/fathers-day-craft-for-kids-frame/

Dinosaur CardFathers Day Craft Ideas

What you’ll need:



  1. First, cut a dinosaur out of the green paper (you can find some handy templates on the internet).
  2. Then, stick the dinosaur to a folder piece of A4 card (landscape).
  3. Then it’s time to get the paint out! Ask students to dip each of their fingers in to the paint and then press their finger to the card, so the prints look like part of the dinosaur’s body.
  4. Once the paint hasdried, stick googly eyes on the dinosaur’s face and add a small message to the front, either using a pen or letter stickers.


Source: https://www.craftymorning.com/handprint-dinosaur-fathers-day-card

If you have any other craft ideas, or your students have already been getting their creative hats on, do be sure to share with us @EducationCity. We’d love to see what you came up with! 

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