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Connecting the Dots with Assessment

For over 20 years, we’ve worked with schools across the UK to support teaching and learning with a range of flexible resources which meet the latest curriculum requirements and teaching practices.

Based on your feedback, we’re now looking to connect the dots between assessment data and our curriculum content by introducing integrated assessments for maths, English and science.

EducationCity’s new Assessments provide teachers with high-quality, evidence-based assessments, that will save you time and provide actionable insights to inform your lesson planning and help you raise student attainment.

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Why Choose EducationCity for Assessment?

Assess for Learning

EducationCity offers over 90 curriculum-aligned formative, summative and unit assessments, that can be used to inform teaching and learning.


Save Time

Our assessments can be set in just a few clicks, are automatically marked and analysed providing instant data for teachers to use.


Personalise Learning

Many of our assessments generate personalised Revision Journals*, giving each student targeted resources to fill gaps in knowledge.

*Our Reading, Spelling and Maths Summative assessments do not generate a Revision Journal.

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Here's What We've Added...

We’ve added over 100 assessments across English/literacy, maths/numeracy and science, which include a mix of formative, summative and unit assessments. Take a look at the full selection here. How you use them in your classroom is totally up to you, but we hope they’ll save you valuable time and provide the evidence-based student data you need to move your teaching and learning forward.

See how the Assessments could be used in your classroom, with this handy guide from our in-house teachers.

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Assessments by Type and Year Group

Assessment Table

...and there's more to come

Data Visualisation:

Allowing you to see quickly and easily where students are in their learning, taking the legwork out of analysis and facilitating ability-based grouping.

Foundational Activities:

Enabling students to access Activities and Learn Screens from earlier academic years, ensuring they have the foundations to build upon.

Teacher-Generated Assessments:

Empowering you to select the objectives you want to assess to create assessments that exactly meet the needs of you and your students.

Our Vision for Assessment

Take a look at the video below which explains more about our vision and journey towards becoming an integrated assessment and curriculum resource:

What Schools Are Saying...

97% say our assessments are pitched correctly for age-related expectations.

What Schools Are Saying...

98% say our assessments are appropriate preparation for standardised testing.

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