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Teaching & Learning Tools

The time-saving teacher features included in an EducationCity subscription support a more personalized approach to learning for each of your students. From lesson planning to grading, EducationCity is here to make your life easier.

Differentiate Learning with MyCities

Utilize the MyCity feature to create targeted learning paths for individuals, small groups, or whole classes as well as simplify your own lesson planning by collecting resources for easier access during teacher-led instruction. Build flexible learning pathways in the following ways:

  • Create MyCities to target specific objectives using the Standards Map
  • Add educational resources directly from your search results to create MyCity for a specific topic
  • Choose resources from SuccessTracker to create a MyCity which targets an area you’ve identified as needing revision or reinforcement
Use MyCities to differentiate learning for various groups of students, set mastery goals and a prescribed sequence for completion, and track how learners are progressing through assignments in real time. These teaching tools are a powerful way to keep learning on track in class and at home.

Target Teaching Objectives with the Standards Map

The Standards Map allows you to find teaching resources relevant to the area of the curriculum you’re covering in class.

Locating quality educational materials just got a lot easier with this helpful tool. Simply filter by subject, grade level, or content type and then drill into the specific domain, objective, and learning standard you want to address.

Track Independent Progress with MySuccess

MySuccess is a great way for students to keep tabs on their progress and take responsibility for their learning, while also engaging parents in their child’s education.

Students can see their best and latest scores, with the ability to replay completed activities for a chance to improve. Similarly, parents can use this tool to keep track of their child’s progress and provide additional support at home where necessary.

Continue Learning at Home

Allow students to continue their learning in the evenings, weekends and during holiday breaks to combat holiday learning loss.


Anytime, Anywhere Access
  • EducationCity’s online platform is available 24/7 and easily accessible on computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Engage students at home and improve the home-to-school connection by involving parents in their children’s education.
  • Personalize learning by setting MyCity assignments for your whole class or groups of students for easy access at home.

Assess Progress with SuccessTracker

EducationCity’s reporting feature, SuccessTracker, helps teachers quickly identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses to make more informed instructional decisions.

All Activities that your students complete are automatically graded and recorded in SuccessTracker.

Use the SuccessTracker filters to build customized reports and determine learner needs.

You can also export this information for parent-teacher conferences, and data meetings, to help analyze and communicate whole-class and individual learner progress.

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