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A Week Using EducationCity

Hi, I’m Mrs. Goose. I’ve been using EducationCity in my classroom for a couple of years and it’s saved me so much time, plus, my students love it!

There are so many subjects to choose from and resources perfect for each step of my lesson – from the moment I introduce a new topic through assessment of my students’ skills.

Take a closer look at a typical week for me, integrating the program in my daily instruction…

Education City

Monday Morning

Stimulating engagement with technology

Monday morning marks math time! It can be a slow start after the weekend, so I begin with a times table song on the interactive whiteboard. Students sing and dance along, before splitting into pairs for some additional practice. Then, students work on tablets to complete a times table Activity independently.

It’s a great way to give my students a sense of independence in their learning, plus, all of their scores are automatically saved so I can easily see who needs extra support.

Education City

Tuesday Evening

Planning for individual student needs

Tonight, I’m going to plan out some punctuation practice for our language arts block tomorrow and I need to make sure I support the mixed range of learning abilities of my students. I do a quick search of EducationCity to find punctuation-related content, and from here I can assign Activities for additional practice and Learn Screens for a quick overview of what we’ve covered in class, using the MyCity feature.

No need to run copies tomorrow morning. My students are all set with targeted practice in their individual accounts. Perfect!

Education City

Wednesday Afternoon

Education City

Working collaboratively

We’re continuing our exploration of circuits in science this afternoon with a virtual experiment on the interactive whiteboard. It’s a great way to get everyone involved, and allows us to test many different variables in the  limited time we have.

For this lesson, I open up a Topic Tool, which we can use to build circuits on the interactive whiteboard. Students take turns constructing circuits, using science vocabulary, and working collaboratively to fix broken circuits. Great class participation!

Thursday Morning

Stretching our Understanding

You can definitely tell the week is winding to a close! My class is struggling to maintain focus on their reading, so it might be time to mix things up and get their thinking caps on. I pull up a ThinkIt, or critical thinking question, to challenge my students on the elements of a story that are needed to make it interesting.

It sparks some great discussion and soon enough, my students are returning to their books to check if they contain all the elements we brainstormed!

Education City

Friday Afternoon

Checking Class Progress

Where has the week gone?! To get a jump on next week, I’ll take a look at how my students are progressing in case I need to make adjustments. I pull a quick report using the SuccessTracker, which allows me to see how each student has performed in EducationCity this week.
Meanwhile, my students pull up PlayLive, a competitive math and spelling gaming area. Needless to say, they get super excited! The winner of last week’s challenge chooses between math and spelling, and the students take turns, competing for the best score—it’s a great end to the week!
Education City

Sunday Evening

Education City

Lesson Plan Review

I log in to EducationCity to do a final review of my plans for the upcoming week. I’ve set up a MyCity with the week’s lessons, so I can quickly pop in to launch the next Learn Screen or Topic Tool in perfect time with my instruction.

To make sure my students are only completing content I have assigned to them, I’ve also collected a series of Activities marked specifically as Homework. And with a final click of the ‘save’ button, it’s time to relax!

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