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EducationCity’s engaging French resources feature audio recordings by native speakers to ensure that learners have accurate models of spoken French. The language content is designed to develop all four language skills as well as improve students' intercultural understanding.

French Songs

Our French nursery songs have been created for the first stage of language learning as they familiarise students with the differing sounds of the new language. They’re really popular with students because they make language learning fun and interactive.

PlayLive French

Designed for Year 3* students and upwards, PlayLive French is a competitive, interactive and quick-fire challenge for French language learners. Students play against up to six other players. Their challengers can be from their class, school or even from other countries.

* And their equivalent levels in other UK regions.

Top Picks

Take a look at some of our Activities below. They are completely FREE to access.


Age 7-8

La Météo

Age 8-9

L’Heure d’Arrivé

Age 10-11

"My favourite thing about EducationCity is probably the French. I can speak it a little bit, we both can. Je m’appelle Isabella. Comment tu t’appelles?"

Year 3 Student, North Downs Primary School, Surrey

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