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Language Arts

Accompany Stig on his venture for literacy success with EducationCity’s Language Arts resources to equip your students with engaging standards-aligned resources. Take a peek at what you can expect in this pre-K through 6th grade subject:

Letters and Sounds

Introduce letters of the alphabet with scaffolded Activities and videos. Then, practice blends, digraphs, and other letters patterns with animated video tutorials, also known as Learn Screens.


Enhance vocabulary and reading confidence across different genres and utilize comprehension strategies to deepen understanding in the context of authentic texts.


Dig into each element of the writing process to create original stories via Topic Tools and develop writing strategies to clarify meaning, enhance style, and build interest.

Oral and Written Conventions

Build essential grammar and punctuation skills to craft complete sentences. Then, apply phonological knowledge to build spelling skills through Activities and in the PlayLive arena.

Speaking and Listening

Explore style, tone, and expression through interactive Activities and Learn Screens. Analyze and evaluate language using open-ended teacher-led Topic Tools.

Try It Out

Try out these sample Language Arts Activities—they’re free!

I See Words


The Princess and the Pea

2nd Grade

What's the Point?

5th Grade

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