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Learn English

EducationCity’s Learn English resources are designed to improve academic, social, and interpersonal communicative language needs for English language learners (ELLs) in 3rd through 5th grade. Rosa and Klara help students build confidence and encourage continued independent learning.

Level 1 for New to English Students

Level 1 resources use clearly contextualized everyday situations to support students in developing their basic interpersonal communication skills. Students make sound, symbol, and word connections as well as listen to and practice sound patterns in English.

Level 2 for Early Intermediate Students

Level 2 resources support students as they explore and apply academic language skills across math, science and language arts.

Level 3 for Upper Intermediate Students

Level 3 resources support students with consolidating their social and conversational language skills as well as helping them apply academic language to interpret and explain math, science and language arts concepts.

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Stone Soup

Level 1

Fair Chance

Level 2

Make an Impact

Level 3

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