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EducationCity allows Spanish-speaking students in Kindergarten through 6th grade to continue their mathematical education in their native language. Join Yolanda and her EducationCity pals as they uncover essential math skills.

Learn Screens

Short video tutorials known as Learn Screens help introduce new concepts and provide a refresher of previous learning in a student’s native language. Content is paced to the learner with options to go back, pause, or skip ahead.


Animated Activities offer a rich bank of unique questions for practice and reinforcement in whiteboard mode or as an individual assignment. Written and verbal instructions can be repeated as needed and students receive immediate feedback upon answering questions.


Educators can adjust preferences to meet students’ individual needs. Mastery goals can be adjusted to accommodate each group of learners and time limitations can be removed to create a less stressful environment.

Try It Out

Sample these free Matemáticas Activities for yourself.

¡A Bailar!

1st Grade

Autos Locos

2nd Grade

Dinero Cósmico

4th Grade

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