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Join math-wiz, Sten, on an adventure to build essential math skills through interactive activities, songs, competitive games, and critical thinking tasks. Explore key topics covered in this pre-K through 6th grade subject offering:

Numbers and Operations

Utilize interactive online number lines, charts, and games to build number fluency, then transform computational practice into fun, story-driven Activities and competitive class challenges using PlayLive.

Algebraic Reasoning

View video tutorials known as Learn Screens that model algebraic equations using learner-paced animations. Then, apply operational strategies to solve problems in a friendly, online environment.

Geometry and Measurement

Sort, classify, and define attributes of shapes, develop familiarity with coins and counting money, and discern different ways to measure through robust content that inspires active learning.

Data Analysis

Build bar graphs, pie charts, and pictograms using virtual manipulatives known as Topic Tools and interpret information to solve problems and explain understanding.

Try It Out

Take some of our Math Activities for a spin!

Snip Shape


Cash Dash

2nd Grade

Ready, Set, Bake

4th Grade

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