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EducationCity’s science content is sure to engage your students’ natural curiosity about the world around them. Follow budding scientist, Manu, as he leads your students through scientific exploration and discovery.

Scientific Investigation and Reasoning

Formulate scientific observations using the five senses and collect, record, and compare information using virtual science Topic Tools.

Matter and Energy

Conduct classroom experiments to predict and identify changes in materials, then use digital tools to classify matter by physical properties via in-depth Activities.

Force, Motion, and Energy

Explore how light, heat, and sound are important to everyday life via Learn Screens. Also, design experiments to test the effects of force on gravity, friction, and magnetism.

Earth and Space

Study the planets, sun, and phases of the moon using interactive models. Additionally, discuss critical questions about fossils, resources, and plant life using ThinkIts.

Organisms and Environments

Organize ideas to illustrate and compare life cycles and ecosystems, then create models of habitats and investigate the basic needs of plant and animals.

Try It Out

Sample a couple of our favorite Science Activities (and even a Learn Screen) for yourself.

Superhero Solutions

1st Grade

Weather the Storm

3rd Grade


5th Grade

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