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Do you teach Spanish in your school? Our Spanish resources are designed to help students develop confidence in understanding the language and culture of Spain.

Spanish Songs

Our Spanish nursery songs have been created to target the ‘Language Awareness’ strand of the curriculum, whilst also raising cultural awareness. The familiar sing-along tunes introduce the new language in a gentle and engaging way to instil confidence in young students.

Spanish Videos

Our series of Spanish Videos follow the adventures of a group of seven-year-old Spanish friends and bring an authentic piece of Spain into your language lesson. They respond directly to the ‘Listen & Speak’ elements of the curriculum, and create curiosity and excitement about the Spanish language.

PlayLive Spanish

PlayLive Spanish is a fun, interactive game for your students to test their Spanish knowledge. There’s a wide range of question styles that test students’ knowledge of the language, as well as helping raise cultural awareness. 

Top Picks

Take a look at some of our Activities below. They are completely FREE to access.

De Diez en Diez

Age 8-9

Guerra de Planetas

Age 9-10

Barcelona, 1940

Age 10-11

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