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We’ve Got You Covered! Parents, Here’s Your Back to School Checklist

So it’ll soon be time for your child to head back to school, and to help you and your child prepare, we’ve put together a handy checklist of all the things you’re likely to need to get ready to go back to school.

Whether your child is starting school for the first time or you’ve been through the preparations of helping your child get ready for the new academic year many times before, we hope these tips will help you out!

School Uniform

We remember we used to get so excited to get a new school uniform! Shirts or polo shirts, trousers, skirts, dresses, a jumper or blazer and shoes are all on the school uniform list.

Tip! Don’t forget name labels are super handy, in case any of your child’s uniform goes missing at school.

New Stationery          

Do you remember how exciting it was to get a new pencil case for school? Whether you had a funky coloured one or a super cute fluffy animal, we think they’re great!

A trendy new pencil case with lots of goodies in is a staple; some of the things it may need to include are a pencil, pen, coloured crayons, ruler, sharpener and a rubber.

PE Kit

Rounders, football, tag rugby… you’ll need sportswear for those active PE sports. You might need a drawstring bag, plimsolls, shorts and a t-shirt for these lessons. You may want to think about a swimming kit, in case there’s any school trips to the local swimming baths.

School Bag

Whether they’ve a diary, books or worksheets to take home, a bag is important to keep things together. If your child’s school doesn’t have book bags, you might want to consider a backpack.  


If your child will be taking in their own lunch, don’t forget a funky lunchbox to hold their favourite snacks; the more colourful, the better we say!

Lastly, enjoy every minute of it with your child! We know it can be slightly daunting being in a new class with lots of new children, but once your child’s introduced to everyone (maybe by playing games), it can calm nerves and help them settle in much better.

We hope your child has a great start to the academic year!

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