English and Literacy Activities

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 English and Literacy Activities

EducationCity’s English and Literacy modules combine exciting online Learn Screens and Activities with traditional Activity Sheets to teach, then reinforce, specific literacy-based learning objectives within the curriculum, in a fun and engaging way. Our character-based resources will equip your learners with the language skills they need to communicate effectively and creatively, as well as sparking a lifelong passion for reading.

EducationCity also features PlayLive English, a dynamic word-making game played against the clock and competitors, which aims to improve spelling and extend the vocabulary of older students.

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Phonics +

Our Phonics areas aim to boost phonemic understanding from the earliest possible stage. The Activities use clear graphics featuring environments familiar to the children, so even the youngest of learners can relate to the content and transfer the literacy skills and language they acquire from it easily to their everyday lives.

English Activities +

Speaking Activities
  • Help learners to understand and use effective, pointed communication

  • Enable learners to build an understanding of how they can adapt their speech to suit specific purposes, thinking about their audience, language, tone and expression

Listening Activities
  • Set out strategies for recognising the main points and the related detail within particular content, maintaining learners’ concentration and focus to acquire an overall ‘gist’ where appropriate

Reading Activities
  • Encourage learners to be observant, critical readers that use pointed questions to clarify meaning and build understanding

  • Provide students with given strategies for recognising salient information, structural features, and the appropriateness of language, structure and presentation

Writing Activities
  • Boost understanding of grammar by exploring tense, sentence structure, punctuation, conditionals and conjunctions. Our spelling Activities widen vocabulary and help learners develop and build their knowledge of the rules of word structure

English Topic Tools +

  • Our Topic Tools are open-ended whiteboard manipulatives, which enable teachers to engage learners in individual, small group, and class activities to build reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
  • Teachers can input their own content or use the banks of texts and vocabulary provided
  • Topic Tool content can be cross-curricular in focus, recognising the importance of English/Literacy skills throughout all areas of learning

PlayLive English +

  • Our incredibly popular PlayLive English module is a word-making game in which students test their spelling abilities against other individuals or teams within a timed, competitive environment
  • Designed to familiarise students at Key Stage 2 with words and spelling, it is engaging and fun
  • When reinforced with vocabulary activities and reading practice, continued use of PlayLive English can contribute to better reading comprehension and significantly improved vocabulary development
  • Students have 60 seconds to make as many words as they can

English Learn Screens +

  • Students are introduced to new sounds, word and language structures, and literary processes via Learn Screens. These can often be followed up by playing an Activity that relates to them

  • These can be used either by the students with teacher guidance or independently

English ThinkIts +

ThinkIts are a series of five to ten minute activities that are designed to help students think creatively and quickly. Created to help you explore a range of topics, they are ideal for morning warm ups and extension activities, and great for targeting higher order thinking skills.

English Lesson Ideas and Teacher Notes +

Lesson Ideas and Teacher Notes feature suggestions as to how Activities can be used to meet objectives and best fit into your lesson.

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Free activities to try!

Clap Your Hands

Sing along to the nursery rhyme with Stig, Sten, Manu and Klara to help read and understand simple sentences.

Rapid Rounders

Learn how to use full stops and capital letters in simple sentences.

Shiver Me Timbers

Help the gang to organise text to form paragraphs in the context of a story.