Putting the Power in Teachers’ Hands

EducationCity has been built with the teacher in mind, by teachers for teachers.
We want to empower all educators by putting the power of technology in their hands, harmonising and creating a powerful bond of teaching excellence.

Let us show you how

EducationCity & Teachers



Our reporting functionality means teachers can see how students are doing at a glance and whether any intervention is needed. The automatic marking and analysis mean we save teachers time and also allow you to focus on advancing your students’ growth.


All of our resources are built by teachers to support teaching and learning against curriculum objectives. Furthermore, for most curriculum objectives, we have, at a minimum, a Learn Screen and Activity to support the learning, which means students can learn the concept and then practice it, independently or with you in a lesson.

Core Subjects

All of our resources are aligned to the core subject objectives, so you can ensure that one login to the product, provides multiple resources across these core subjects, which can be of great benefit with managing access.

Classwork & Homework

As teachers, you can use EducationCity to support both class and home learning and assign work to students in both of these ways. You can also use it for rewards, to print certificates, or even to connect students via our PlayLive challenges.


Our bank of over 120 assessments is perfect for supporting your assessment needs, simplifying and personalising test assigning, and checking student progress.

Our assessments are designed to take away the hard work from educators, so you can focus your attention where it is needed most.

24/7 Access

As students get 24/7 access, EducationCity makes it easy to ensure that students have a learning resource over the holidays and during any school closures. It also means you have a resource to guarantee you can still set lessons and review progress.

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With EducationCity, you can start off your teaching journey by assessing your students with our vast array of assessments in Maths, English and Science. These are ready-made, available to assign to your students and marked automatically, so we can take the hard work away from you. All you need to do is select the assessment and then assign it to your students.


From the data provided from the assessment, you can use it as a diagnostic to determine your students’ next steps and plan lessons out for them with related curriculum-mapped resources. Remember that with most assessments, revision pathways are generated too and these are assigned automatically to students to work through in class or as homework, directly addressing any weaknesses.

At St Saviour’s, our phonics scores have risen from 52% (2012) to 86% (2017), our EYFS scores from 48% (2012) to 83% (2017) and our KS2 SATs progress measures to the top 10% of schools nationally. EducationCity has played a huge part in this in terms of allowing teachers greater flexibility and offering parents out of hours learning.

Mr Houson, Headteacher, St Saviour’s RC Primary School, UK


Next, students are ready to do the work you set or the work assigned from their revision pathway. Upon completion, you can review any scores achieved from the assigned work which are all available within our success report area. You can reassign activities from here depending on scores to check up on mastery or ask your teaching assistants to go in and work with an individual student or student groups based on areas in need of intervention.


From this point, you can review completed work at a deeper level, set further assessments, or reassign the same assessment to check that students have mastered the topics at hand and have improved on their scores. You can download each student attempt as a report, making it easy to compare scores and ensure student progression.

EducationCity and Your Students

See how EducationCity benefits a number of students from different schools across the UK.

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We love EducationCity! Last year saw my class phonics screening results improved dramatically through EducationCity. The letters and sounds games were used during phonics teaching and lessons to practice taught graphemes. The children love the games, and the engagement during whole-class teaching is 100%.”

Tracy Sharp, Year 1 Teacher, Old Earth Primary School, Calderdale