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With over 60 years of experience in K-12 digital education solutions, we support educators globally in delivering world-class pedagogy to drive positive student academic growth.

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*data from 2020 during school term time.

43% increase

In EducationCity
usage during 2020*

*compared to the previous year.

60+ countries

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*used by schools and teachers worldwide

Our Belief Lies in the Fact That
All Students Can Achieve Their Full Potential

It’s our commitment to provide schools and enable educators with access to expert-driven, high-quality technology to support everyday teaching decisions.


We aim to provide educators with a simplified solution that is flexible to use and one that unites core subject departments within a school through the use of education technology.

Our goal is to save precious time for educators from everyday tasks such as marking, lesson planning, analysing, and more so that their valuable time can be invested where it really matters – the student.


Through EducationCity we endeavor to provide a platform for educators in enriching education delivery for students and instilling a love of learning.

There are multiple stakeholders who create the student educational journey, including educators and parents/carers, through EducationCity we aim to engage and bring together these all-important participants to create one seamless educational experience.

We believe educators are irreplaceable. The pioneers behind every single student journey. At Edmentum, we believe that by blending teacher excellence and powerful education technology, educators can experience a new way of teaching, one that enables them to personalise every learning experience, one that automates actionable data at their fingertips, one that enables them to deliver education anywhere and anytime, but ultimately, teaching that enables educators to truly make a difference to each and every student’s life. Let’s shape the future together.

The Edmentum Team


Driving student outcomes & showcasing evidence-based results, is an area of great focus for us.

We make this simple and easy for educators through EducationCity, by providing real-time, actionable data, showcasing progression at an individual student level, group, or class.


We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner to schools globally. We always strive to ensure schools are making the most of their investment in our education technology, which is why we offer completely complimentary ongoing training and CPD accredited professional development training.

We want to make education technology accessible for schools globally in our effort to equalise education for all students, so we remain competitive on pricing at all times.

Want to explore EducationCity for your school with one of our team?

Being an international school, you never feel like you’re overseas in terms of when you’re dealing with Edmentum because they’ve constantly been there for support and advice.

Heather Jones, Head of Primary, King’s College La Moraleja, Spain