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We use photos and real images to introduce scientific concepts to students in our resources and to support what your students have learnt during a practical experiment, so it’s bringing science to life and improving student performance with science games.

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EducationCity & Science Learning

Explore just some of the science topics we cover below.


Earth and Space

Exploring the Earth, Sun and Moon with our resources makes the subject of space engaging and enjoyable. Students can delve into the movement of these, and Earth’s rotation, and learn about why things are as they are.

Properties & Changes of Materials

Students are eager to explore everyday materials with our resources. They are invited to investigate and observe qualities and changes in materials around them, and to discover how new materials can form.

Science Learning

Our science resources are built to address curriculum objectives and inspire creativity and inquiry in students. The resources are built to promote confidence in students to learn and discover this exciting subject for themselves.


We know the importance of discovery, which is why our resources are ideal for helping students plan for different scientific investigations, understand the need for fair testing, recording data from experiences, and then reporting and presenting on their findings.

Understanding the World

From the very earliest ages, our science resources inspire children to explore things around them, technologies, the world, people, and communities, so they develop the early skills they need.

Living Things & Habitats

With our science resources, students are invited to explore living things, including plants, animals and their habitats, different environments, and are encouraged to discuss and classify living things accordingly.

Explore Science Learning

Teaching Content & Tools

EducationCity offers a number of different tools and content types to provide enriched, whole-child learning. Explore these below and view some of the free taster versions of our content types.

  • Assessments
  • Learn Screens
  • Topic Tools
  • Activities
  • ThinkIts
  • PlayLive


Identify Strengths and Areas in Need of Improvement
Assess student progress in mathematics, English, and Science, and launch an automatically prescribed structured revision plan based on outcomes for each individual student.
Our assessment and revision Journal tools are perfect for pinpointing and addressing learning gaps.

Learn Screens

Introduce or Reinforce a New Concept
Learn Screens help students to gain a thorough understanding of a topic. They’re great as part of a lesson starter and also for independent use.

Topic Tools

Explore Concepts as a Class
Topic Tools give you flexibility and are ideal for introducing a topic on a whiteboard for use in a small group or a whole-class setting. They’re perfect for differentiated teaching.


Education Games
Bright and colourful, our large bank of Activities inspires learning with engaging animations. Activities can be used for group work or for individual learning where progress is automatically tracked.


Inspire Creative Ways of Thinking
To encourage critical thinking in the classroom, we have a wide range of ThinkIts which are cross-curricular and teacher-led. ThinkIts challenge students and elicit their higher-order thinking skills.


Interactive and Competitive Games
Our PlayLive challenges allow students to pitch their mathematical and spelling skills against others of the same age within a timed, safe and competitive environment.

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Science Assessments

Our science assessments are designed to test your students on curriculum criteria and give you the data you need to support them in the areas of the curriculum they need.

Revision Journals

For most assessments taken, once automatically marked, a revision pathway is generated for pupils so that they may fill their learning gaps independently. This also saves you time on seeing where intervention may be needed by analysing this data – all to improve students’ attainment.

Supporting Your Topics

Our science resources and science games are built to support the topics you teach in the classroom. Whether it’s growing plants or exploring space, our resources can help your students master these important areas and encourage their creativity and critical thinking.

Understanding the
World Resources

From an early age, it is important that we encourage students to explore the world for themselves. Our resources, which use familiar environments even for pupils of a younger age, help students to do just that and inspire inquiry-based learning.

EducationCity for Your School

We support the core subjects with over 6,000 content types and tools including science games. With our assessments and data-driven tools, we can help save valuable time and support your individualised learning needs. Explore how some schools across the UK use EducationCity in their classrooms.

Some students were able to do the experiment with the resources, but for others, I set a Learn Screen, and they were able to watch the characters who talked to each other, and it was exactly how we would speak to the class in real life.”

Ms. Zoe Harris, Year 3 Teacher, Garden International School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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