Parental & Guardian Support

EducationCity strives to support parental engagement, and now more than ever, it’s important that parents and their children have the tools they need to continue learning at home. With a school subscription to EducationCity, students have 24-hour access to learning resources.

Using EducationCity at Home

Browse through the instructional videos below to gain a better understanding of how
your child’s learning takes place via EducationCity.

With a school subscription, your child
gains access to…

Independent Learning

Learn independently with
teacher-created resources and curriculum-aligned content.

Thousands of Resources

Access thousands of resources
in the core subjects in any year
level to support students’ learning.

Instant feedback

Receive instant feedback and reinforcement to support the development of progress.

Personalised Revision

Access personalised revision
pathways to really target the
areas that need working on.

[EducationCity] has helped with consolidating key skills both at school and at home. Children are able to practice what they have learnt at school at home as well.”

Nasima Ephraim, Leader of Learning, Colvestone Primary School, Hackney