Charity Work

With children’s education at the heart of what we do, it’s only natural that the charity we support is education-orientated too. This is why we’ve chosen the We Can Learn Foundation as our latest corporate charity.

We Can Learn was set up by our parent company, Edmentum, to give all children around the world the opportunity to learn and succeed.

Its short-term aims include:
– raising $100,000 to support educating children in the Nakivale Refugee Community in Uganda.

– giving 100,000 students free access to its resources.

For more information about the cause and the experiences it has been able to offer children, click below.

How do we help them?

In a similar way to which we’ve supported our other corporate charities since 2015, we are looking to raise money for We Can Learn by taking part in sponsored events, and running office dress-up days and bake offs throughout the year. You can see some of these below!