EducationCity Webinar Schedule

As a part of our commitment to supporting you during this time, we are hosting a number of webinars to ensure that teachers are comfortable using EducationCity for distance learning. We have at least one webinar per week during term time, and you can sign up to each via the ‘Register’ links below – we have limited spaces so sign up now!

EducationCity educational learning

Supporting the Learning of Phonics with EducationCity

Thursday, 23rd September at 4pm

This webinar will be hosted by our Education Consultant, Haylie Taylor, who will discuss phonics. It will cover ideas for how you can boost phonetical understanding and creative activities for your lessons that you can use. It will also consider how EducationCity’s phonics area can be used to advance knowledge of letters and sounds.

EducationCity educational learning

Learning the Times Tables with EducationCity Resources

Tuesday, 28th September at 4pm

This webinar will be hosted by our Education Consultant, Haylie Taylor, who will discuss times tables learning. It will cover ideas for how you can support the teaching and learning of times tables. Haylie will also go over ideas she used in her classroom, resources on EducationCity that can help with this learning and our infamous PlayLive!

EducationCity educational learning

Utilising Resources to Support Reading Comprehension

Tuesday, 5th October at 4pm

This webinar will be hosted by our Education Consultant, Haylie Taylor, who will discuss reading comprehension. It will cover methods for how you can support reading comprehension to show positive progress, including how Haylie implemented these during her lessons and resources on how EducationCity can assist.

EducationCity educational learning

Assess, Plan, Learn and Review with EducationCity CPD Webinar

Wednesday, 6th October at 4pm

This webinar, which will count toward your CPD hours and include a certificate upon completion, is hosted by Haylie Taylor, our Education Consultant, and covers:

– The cycle of assessing, learning, planning and reviewing within EducationCity.
– Assessments in the core subjects.
– Lesson planning tools within EducationCity.
– Curriculum-aligned resources available for school and home learning.
– Reviewing progress with tools such as SuccessTracker.

This webinar will last around an hour. It is designed to support you in the classroom and give you valuable insights into targeting your teaching delivery.

While you wait for our next webinar, check out some of our free resources below.

Featured COVID-19 Resource

UK Teacher Resource Pack

Download our full UK teacher resource pack. This FREE resource can be used during school closures as well as in the classroom.

COVID-19 Resource for Parents and Students

Home Learning Timetable

Use our handy timetable to plan your child’s daily tasks. Take inspiration from our EducationCity example or set your own agenda. Available to print and reuse.

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Just restarted school subscription in Scotland. I used EducationCity teaching the English curriculum abroad. Amazed at the changes made in just a few years! Thank you!

Catriona Canning, Primary Teacher, St Sophia’s Primary School, East Ayrshire

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