EducationCity Webinar Schedule

As a part of our commitment to supporting you during this time, we are hosting a number of webinars to ensure that teachers are comfortable using EducationCity for distance learning. We have at least one webinar per week during term time, and you can sign up to each via the ‘Register’ links below – we have limited spaces so sign up now!

Webinar Schedule

All webinars will last approximately 20 minutes unless otherwise stated.
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We have no webinars currently scheduled but keep your eyes peeled for more coming soon!

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Just restarted school subscription in Scotland. I used EducationCity teaching the English curriculum abroad. Amazed at the changes made in just a few years! Thank you!

Catriona Canning, Primary Teacher, St Sophia’s Primary School, East Ayrshire

Watch Our Previous Webinars

You can view all our webinars by clicking below. From webinars on specific features of EducationCity, such as assessments or data reporting, to just a tour of the resource, our webinars cater to everyone’s needs.