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EducationCity is designed to help reinforce literacy-based learning objectives, and equip your students with the language skills they need to communicate effectively and creatively.

Want to explore our English subject in detail and see how you can enhance growth for all students?

EducationCity & English Learning

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We place a big emphasis on comprehension and maintaining positive attitudes to reading and understanding texts, providing the resources to support students in developing their skills and building confidence and knowledge, so that they may participate in discussions with their peers in various literary genres.

Transcription and Composition

Our resources will support children in their spelling and writing composition, from planning and drafting an initial piece, to evaluating and editing, and then proof-reading to finalise their text, we have tools for every step of the way.

English Learning

Bring this exciting subject to life for your students with our rich and varied content types created to inspire learning, mastery, and creativity.

EducationCity’s English resources cover the full curriculum and are great to use for lesson planning, homework, in-class learning, and much more.

Reading and Writing for EYFS

We have various resources for early years that cover elements of reading and writing. They build students’ understanding through simple sentences, demonstrating understanding when talking to others, and using phonics knowledge to write words in ways that match their spoken sounds.

Communication and Language

Our resources cover all areas of communication and language, perceptively, socially, and linguistically, so students can gain the early skills they need to express themselves effectively and develop their own narratives.

Word Reading

We have a number of resources to support word reading, so children can develop their knowledge of words and texts, gain confidence in reading them aloud and decipher or examine any new words that they may meet to achieve a better understanding.

Explore English Learning

Teaching Content & Tools

EducationCity offers a number of different tools and content types to provide enriched, whole-child learning. Explore these below and view some of the free taster versions of our content types.

  • Assessments
  • Learn Screens
  • Topic Tools
  • Activities
  • ThinkIts
  • PlayLive


Identify Strengths and Areas in Need of Improvement
Assess student progress in English, and launch an automatically prescribed structured revision plan based on outcomes for each individual student.
Our assessment and revision Journal tools are perfect for pinpointing and addressing learning gaps.

Learn Screens

Introduce or Reinforce a New Concept
Learn Screens help students to gain a thorough understanding of a topic. They’re great as part of a lesson starter and also for independent use.

Topic Tools

Explore Concepts as a Class
Topic Tools give you flexibility and are ideal for introducing a topic on a whiteboard for use in a small group or a whole-class setting. They’re perfect for differentiated teaching.


Education Games
Bright and colourful, our large bank of Activities inspires learning with engaging animations. Activities can be used for group work or for individual learning where progress is automatically tracked.


Inspire Creative Ways of Thinking
To encourage critical thinking in the classroom, we have a wide range of ThinkIts which are cross-curricular and teacher-led. ThinkIts challenge students and elicit their higher-order thinking skills.


Interactive and Competitive Games
Our PlayLive challenges allow students to pitch their mathematical and spelling skills against others of the same age within a timed, safe and competitive environment.

English Assessments

Familiarise your students with testing and encourage practice before any tests occur with our English assessments, which cover reading comprehension, and spelling, and punctuation, and grammar for each year group through our worksheets and literacy games.

Once marked by the system, revision Journals are also generated for grammar and punctuation assessments, so your students have prescribed resources to revise with and improve on their areas of weakness.


Aiming to boost phonetical understanding from the earliest age using literacy games , our phonics area uses images from environments familiar to students so younger children can relate and transfer the literacy and language skills they acquire to their everyday lives.

SPaG Resources

Our SPaG Activities, Learn Screens and worksheets are a must-see for teachers who wish to support their students in tackling key spelling, punctuation and grammar objectives. From understanding punctuation marks and homophones, to identifying prepositions and spelling polysyllabic words, it’s all here.

PlayLive English

A word-formation game to help your students with spelling and word structure. Children can compete against their peers to find as many words as they can within 60 seconds, our PlayLive English game can help with inspiring friendly competition in the classroom. Literacy games are a great way of teaching within the classroom.

EducationCity for Your School

See how some schools in the UK use EducationCity’s 6,000 cross-curricular resources in the core subjects. With assessments and data-driven reporting, we can support your individualised learning needs and save you valuable time to better spend where it truly matters – your students.

We love EducationCity! Last year saw my class phonics screening results improve dramatically through EducationCity. The letters and sounds games were used during phonics teaching, and lessons to practice taught graphemes. The children love the games, and the engagement during whole-class teaching is 100%.”

Tracy Sharp, Year 1 Teacher, Old Earth Primary School, Calderdale

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