Our assessments and data tracking tools make reporting and showcasing results easy. Our tools save you time in gathering data for multiple scenarios.

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For parents’ evenings, we can take the hard work away, and you can review reports from assessments and activities to show parents how their child is doing and what they could help them with.

Subject Leaders

Subject leaders can go into the data views and review how students are doing in each year group on certain units. Subject coordinators can create random groups of students from across the school and evaluate progress through assessments or activities as evidence of learning.

Senior Leadership Teams

Our data view allows you to pull various reports for differentiated groups or on a class level basis. These can be accessed by all staff or can be downloaded to share with Senior Leadership to demonstrate how your students are progressing.

Teaching Assistants

To provide intervention and support, teaching assistants or learning support assistants can easily see how students are doing, where they may need to improve and view which students are ready for the next step in their learning from printable reports.


Whether your students are moving up to a new teacher in a new academic year or getting a new teacher in their current year, you can pull these reports off to show them where their students are progressing.


Students can view their own progress and act on any areas they may need to by redoing content, so they can grow mastery of the core concepts they need for their success.

As well as this, during a lockdown or anything like that, the children can still have a continuous provision. The activities are automatically scored, which gives teachers a good understanding of pupil progress, and parents can see what their children are learning. This provides us with some links with parents and helping them to feel involved in their child’s education.”

Louise Eveson, Year 5 Class Teacher and EdTech Team Member, Pheasey Park Farm Primary School, Walsall

Saves You Time

Our formative assessments can be used at certain points during the educational journey to give you insight into students’ progress. Appearing in maths, English and science, these are ideal for evaluating where children are in their learning, and you can review any planned instruction as a result of the answers.

More Time to Intervene

As our reports save you time, you have more time to work out which students need intervention on certain areas and to assign content there and then to them. The analysis is done, the next steps are set, and now you can get back to your students.

We can support your school’s reporting needs and save you time.

Less Time Spent Data Analysing

The reports on EducationCity mean we can analyse the data for you, and all you need to do is review your students’ progression. Our reports are also designed to be easy to review and read, ready for you to work out the next steps.

Evidence of Progress

All reports are easy to export and can be edited and adapted so that they fit with your tracking format and to share with other people. With automatic marking and intuitive tools, are reports are ideal for allowing you to see where your students are at with colour-coded displays.

EducationCity and Assessment

Take a look at how some schools use EducationCity to help them with assessment in the classroom.

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At St Saviour’s, we champion PlayLive in all our KS2 classes at it boosts the attainment in the core and mental maths skills so successfully. When tracking six of our low-attaining students last academic year, five or six made more than six steps progress (five steps are deemed as good).

Dean Houson, Headteacher, St Saviour’s RC Primary School, Lewisham