Core Subject Assessment

EducationCity boasts over 120 automated assessments, each mapped to core-curriculum subjects. Our assessments are perfect for pinpointing and addressing learning gaps with automatically-assigned content aligned to each student’s unique learning needs upon assessment completion.

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Our formative and end of year assessments in maths test your students on areas such as number, measurement, geometry, and statistics, so you can gain a wide gage and valuable insight on how your students are progressing.

Mathematics Unit Assessments

Our unit assessments are ideal to use throughout the year and include calculation, measurement, fractions, number and place value, and more, so you can test your students right when you need to.

English Reading Comprehension

Our reading comprehension assessments are designed to assess students on all aspects of comprehension, inference, explanation, and basic reading skills.

English Punctuation and Grammar

You can review your students’ progress of key English skills with our punctuation and grammar assessments. These assessments are designed to be used throughout the academic year and involve 20 randomised questions.

English Spelling

These assessments contain a number of words drawn from the appendices in the national curriculum and help you review your students’ spelling skills.


In science, we have unit tests on areas such as plants and animals, as well as end of year assessments, meaning you have a range of assessments to support you in analysing your students’ progress at various points of the academic journey.

If children have got an IEP, they can use [EducationCity’s] assessments to inform them. This might flag an area they are finding tricky and assessments demonstrate any weaker areas. Teachers can see straight away which areas they are struggling with.”

Louise Eveson, Year 5 Class Teacher and EdTech Team Member, Pheasey Park Farm Primary School, Walsall

Formative Assessments

Our formative assessments can be used at certain points during the educational journey to give you insight into students’ progress. Available across Maths, English, and Science, these are ideal for evaluating where children are in their learning, and you can review any planned instruction based on assessment outcomes.

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Summative Assessments

Our summative assessments are ideal for use at the end of a period of learning. Appearing in Maths, English, and Science, they can be used at the end of term or academic year to review progress. You can easily pinpoint where any learning gaps may lie and whether interventions are needed.

Unit Assessments

Our unit assessments are perfect to evaluate short-term learning and mastery. These assessments allow you to review progress at the end of a unit covered or after a particular topic has been delivered.

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Fractions Unit Assessment

Try our unit assessment example and see how you can test students on their knowledge of fractions.

We can support your school’s assessment needs across the core subjects.

I love the assessment feature. When students have done an assessment, [EducationCity] automatically sets them a Revision Journal to consolidate the areas that they need to. They’re the main reasons as to why we’ve used it more this year.”

Ms. Anna Goh, Head of Year 4, Garden International School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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