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Adaptive & Personalised Learning

Upon completion of an assessment, each student receives an automated pathway with assigned content, based on personal assessment outcomes.

The pathways generated by revision Journals help address any gaps found in their knowledge and encourage students to master content, aiding long-term memory retention.


Instant Feedback & Automated Marking

Instant feedback is reinforced throughout the product with automatically marked assessments and activities, saving you time, and making individual student progression and performance visible to your students, encouraging them to take ownership of their learning.


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Reporting & Performance

Our teacher dashboard has been designed specifically to give deep and detailed class performance insights.

You can analyse each class performance, which is ideal for reporting to the Senior Leadership Teams, and to evidence, the impact EducationCity is having in supporting you to achieve your school and individual class goals.

EducationCity & Teachers | EducationCity & SLT

Actionable Data

Quite often teachers can be overwhelmed with complex and static data that can take time to figure out and action.

EducationCity makes this simple.
With the touch of a button, data becomes actionable. Our easy to interpret data reports show deep student progression and performance analysis, at class or individual level. Furthermore learning outcomes can be automated with our personalised student pathways, launched after an assessment takes place.

Data & Tracking

Core Subject Resources

EducationCity provides whole-school, fully curriculum-mapped resources for ages 3-12.

Our resources are built by experienced teachers and educational experts who understand the needs and demands of teaching.

Our resources can be used for areas such as lesson planning, homework, and topic mastery.

EducationCity & Teachers

Detailed Assessments

EducationCity encompasses a wide array of automated curriculum-aligned assessments, across the core subjects.

Our assessments produce actionable data to help inform and tailor your teaching instruction based on areas of strength or in need of improvement.


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Content Types Overview

EducationCity and its features have been designed by teachers, for teachers. The product boasts a wide array of tools and activities to support an enriched learning experience. Take a look at some of the areas we cover.

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  • Learn ScreensPath 2
  • Topic ToolsPath 2
  • ActivitiesPath 2
  • ThinkItsPath 2
  • PlayLivePath 2


Assess student progress in English, Math, and Science. Our assessments are made up of formative, summative and unit testing and are automativally marked. The assessments launch an automatically prescribed structured revision plan based on outcomes for each individual student.

Learn Screens

Learn Screens help students to gain a thorough understanding of a topic. They’re great as part of a lesson starter and also for independent use.

Topic Tools

Topic Tools give you flexibility and are ideal for introducing a topic on a whiteboard for use in a small group or a whole-class setting. They’re perfect for differentiated teaching.


Bright and colourful, our large bank of Activities inspires learning with engaging animations. Activities can be used for group work or for individual learning where progress is automatically tracked.


To encourage critical thinking in the classroom, we have a wide range of ThinkIts which are cross-curricular and teacher-led. ThinkIts challenge students and elicit their higher-order thinking skills.


Our PlayLive challenges allow students to pitch their mathematical and spelling skills against others of the same age within a timed, safe and competitive environment.

Why Choose EducationCity
For Your School

Distance learning

EducationCity is perfect for distance learning. With 24-hour access for students and teachers, learning and teaching delivery can take place anywhere, anytime. Work can be assigned to students remotely, and teachers have full remote capabilities to monitor student progression.

Assessment & Data Tracking

EducationCity provides automated, curriculum-aligned assessments, automatic marking, and data tracking. Our reporting tools allow you to view your students’ performance, highlighting strengths and problem areas.

You can also use our grouping tool to segment and analyse class performance.


Intervention & Learning Gaps

EducationCity is perfect for intervention and tailoring teaching instruction based on student learning needs. Through our automated learning paths, and real-time data tracking, teachers and teaching assistants can pinpoint areas in need of improvement and action necessary intervention.

EducationCity & Teachers

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Learning Models

EducationCity has been built to support multiple learning models in and out of the classroom. It’s perfect for distance learning, differentiation, blended learning, inquiry-based learning, and much more.

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Learning Models

Core Curriculum

EducationCity is fully aligned to the National Curricula throughout the UK for ages 3-12 and covers the core subjects – English, Maths, and Science.

EducationCity boasts over 6000 pieces of resources that can be used on-line and off-line, for an enriched educational experience.

(National Curriculum for England, Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence, the National Curriculum for Wales and the Northern Ireland Curriculum – Primary)

Full Curriculum Coverage


Teachers can also use EducationCity for an educational reward experience to motivate work completion or upon its completion. Our PlayLive challenges engage your students and motivate them to continue learning.

EducationCity & Teachers

We love EducationCity! My class phonics screening results improved dramatically through EducationCity. The children love the games, and the engagement during whole-class teaching is 100%.”

Mrs Tracy Sharp, Year 1 Teacher, Old Earth Primary School, Calderdale

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We use the phonics area a lot, in daily phonics sessions as a whole class, and also as catch-up material in small groups with a teaching assistant or as individual practice work.”

Miss Cook, Teacher & Computing Leader, Greyfriars Primary School, Norfolk