Maths Case Study

Case Study: Using EducationCity’s Maths Content to Benefit Teaching & Learning

Moorlands Junior School is located in Sale, Manchester, and has approximately 245 students on role.

Tom Phillips, teacher and ICT Coordinator at Moorlands Junior School, explains how he uses EducationCity’s maths content to directly help his teaching and students’ learning, as well as the many benefits the school has gained from using the content. As a teacher, I use the maths content in a variety of ways to support my students. Firstly, the Activities are used in lesson time to aid learning. I organise the students into groups and set specific Activities for them to complete. This allows me to differentiate learning and meet students’ needs.Furthermore, EducationCity’s Topic Tools are used to model important concepts to students to gain understanding. I find the Topic Tools useful because they save me valuable time due to the fact they are pre-made and good quality. Students respond to the Topic Tools and enjoy having the opportunity to use them in front of the whole class.

What are Activities?

Activities offer students bright, engaging graphics that both set the scene and make learning fun. Activities are correlated to the curriculum relevant for the academic year/level and are available across all subjects.

What are Topic Tools?

Topic Tools can be used as a lesson starter activity, to introduce a new topic to the whole class or for independent learning to reinforce topics already covered.

Using EducationCity’s Maths Content for Learning

The Maths content benefits my students in their learning because they are developing important skills whilst having fun.PlayLive Maths is particularly useful for engagement. A competitive mental arithmetic game, my students like answering the questions and getting competitive. Also, as students have their own accounts, they can take ownership of their progress via MySuccess, which allows students to view their results. Also, when taking an Assessment, they can revise based on their results via Revision Journals that pool together Learn Screens and Activities.Overall, the students really enjoy using EducationCity. They say that “the games are fun” and one also said they “enjoy singing the time tables songs” as they help them learn!

Using EducationCity’s Maths Content for Teaching

EducationCity’s Activities help me because they offer a time-saving feature. When an Activity is taken, answers are recorded automatically. This allows me to track students’ progress and is another form of assessment.As my students receive support from the Activities, I can set them with headphones to work independently. This allows me to work with my focus group who may need help.EducationCity’s content helpfully links to the curriculum; this is another time-saving feature that allows me to assign content to students via MyCity.I also use Tests as a pre-learning activity. With results recorded from these, I can tailor lessons to suit students’ individual needs.

Using EducationCity’s Maths Content with MyCity

Homework MyCities are a huge hit! We use them every week. My students typically complete the work set the same night it is given out because they enjoy the activities set so much. By using the Tracking tab in MyCity, I can track the students’ progress when they have accessed their Homework. This allows me to track their progress because Activities and Tests are automatically marked.Furthermore, speaking to parents, I have received very positive feedback. Overall, the students and teachers enjoy using EducationCity’s Maths content as it benefits their teaching and learning greatly.

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