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EducationCity offers integrated assessments and data tracking across core subjects allowing you to examine and track students’ knowledge with ease, anywhere and anytime. Our assessments offer actionable data to support you in driving student growth and development.

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Actionable data generated upon completion of assessments can help pinpoint gaps in learning or areas in need of improvement, through which effective intervention can be administered as necessary.


Formative Assessment

Our formative assessments are ideal for administering throughout the academic year to review students’ progress and understanding of the material covered.

Core Subject Assessments

Data Analysis

Our assessment functionality takes away the hard work of analysing data and pinpoints areas in need of improvement or strength.

Analyse and report on performance at class or individual level.

Data & Tracking

Unit Assessment

Our unit assessments are perfect in understanding students’ mastery of certain topics such as animals or plants, and geometry or calculation.

Our unit assessments can help you address misconceptions quickly.

Core Subject Assessments

Summative Assessment

Our summative assessments allow you to assess students’ performance and understanding at the end of the academic year or at the end of each term.

Our summative assessments can help you pinpoint individual or class mastery of the material covered.

Core Subject Assessments

Data Reports

Our assessments enable data visualisations so you have real-time feedback on student performance with the ability to make quick and informed educational delivery decisions if necessary.

Data & Tracking

We use the phonics area a lot in daily phonics sessions as a whole class, and also as catch-up in small groups or as individual practice work.

Miss Cook, Teacher & Computing Coordinator, Greyfriars Primary School, Norfolk

Assessment Overview

Assess for Learning

EducationCity offers over 120 curriculum-aligned formative, summative and unit assessments, that can be used to inform teaching and learning.

Save Time

Our assessments can be set in just a few clicks, are automatically marked and analysed providing instant data for teachers to use.

*97% of surveyed teachers said our assessments are pitched correctly for age-related expectations.

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Personalise Learning

Many of our assessments generate personalised student pathways (Revision Journals), giving each student targeted resources to address learning gaps.

*98% of surveyed teachers said our assessments are appropriate preparation for standardised testing.

Data Visualisation

Allowing you to see quickly and easily where students are in their learning, taking the legwork out of analysis and facilitating ability-based grouping.

*Currently only available for schools in England.

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Fractions Unit Assessment

Try our unit assessment example and see how you can test students on their knowledge of fractions.

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Hear from other teachers on how they use our assessments to help with their planning and differentiating.

Just restarted school subscription in Scotland. I used EducationCity teaching the English curriculum abroad. Amazed at the changes made in just a few years! Thank you!

Catriona Canning, Primary Teacher, St Sophia’s Primary School, East Ayrshire

Data & Tracking