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All of our resources are mapped against national learning objectives, that are correlated to the curriculum that you teach. Our maths resources complement your teaching, engage your students with independent learning, and are available to use any time, anywhere.

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Within this area of math for older primary students, students can begin to explore simple formulae then advance through describing linear number sequences and expressing missing number problems algebraically.

Geometry and Measurement

Your students can explore shapes and recognise their many qualities, and improve their knowledge of describing position, directions and movements with shapes.

Maths Learning

EducationCity’s math tools are designed by teachers, for teachers, to give you the full depth of resources you need to cover the curriculum areas you follow.

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Students are encouraged to solve problems, use estimation and identify common factors. They can perform formal written methods and mental calculations, and our activities support them with operations and their order.

Number and Place Value

Our activities aid students in building their knowledge of numbers and Place value, determining the value of each digit’s value in a number, rounding up and solving number problems.

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Students explore fractions and written division methods to improve their knowledge of this area. Our Learn Screens can take them through division and multiplication to improve their understanding.

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Teaching Content & Tools

EducationCity offers a number of different tools and content types to provide enriched, whole-child learning. Explore these below and view some of the free taster versions of our content types.

  • Assessments
  • Learn Screens
  • Topic Tools
  • Activities
  • ThinkIts
  • PlayLive


Identify Strengths and Areas in Need of Improvement
Assess student progress in mathematics, and launch an automatically prescribed structured revision plan based on outcomes for each individual student.
Our assessment and revision Journal tools are perfect for pinpointing and addressing learning gaps.

Learn Screens

Introduce or Reinforce a New Concept
Learn Screens help students to gain a thorough understanding of a topic. They’re great as part of a lesson starter and also for independent use.

Topic Tools

Explore Concepts as a Class
Topic Tools give you flexibility and are ideal for introducing a topic on a whiteboard, for use in a small group or a whole-class setting. They’re perfect for differentiated teaching.


Education Games
Bright and colourful, our large bank of Activities inspires learning with engaging animations. Activities can be used for group work or for individual learning where progress is automatically tracked.


Inspire Creative Ways of Thinking
To encourage critical thinking in the classroom, we have a wide range of ThinkIts which are cross-curricular and teacher-led. ThinkIts challenge students and elicit their higher-order thinking skills.


Interactive and Competitive Games
Our PlayLive challenges allow students to pitch their mathematical and spelling skills against others of the same age within a timed, safe and competitive environment.

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Mathematics Assessments

Understanding how your students progress in their learning is important, so we have many formative, unit (England only) and summative assessments for mathematics. These are ideal for a quick progress check, end-of-year tests, and SATs practice.

Revision Journals

After a formative or unit assessment is completed, a Revision Journal is produced, filled with prescribed resources, to help give students gain a revision pathway, personalised to their needs and pinpointing where they may need more support.

PlayLive Maths

Students and teachers enjoy using our PlayLive Maths in their classroom, through which students race one another to answer as many questions as they can in 60 seconds. With addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to choose from, there are many areas covered to improve students’ mental arithmetic.

Times Tables Activities

So many students and teachers love our Times Tables Songs. From the 2 x to the 12 x table, our songs can help your students build knowledge and improve their speed and accuracy when recalling multiplication facts. Once confident, they can test their knowledge in the Multiplication Tables Check.

EducationCity for Your School

With over 6,000 cross-curricular resources to support your teaching and your students’ learning, EducationCity is ideal for giving teachers the tools they need to deliver targeted instruction and provide evidence-based assessments.

At St Saviour’s, our phonics scores have risen from 52% (2012) to 86% (2017), our EYFS scores from 48% (2012) to 83% (2017) and our KS2 SATs progress measures to the top 10% of schools nationally. EducationCity has played a huge part in this in terms of allowing teachers greater flexibility and offering parents out of hours learning.

Mr Houson, Headteacher, St Saviour’s RC Primary School, UK

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