EducationCity & Online Safety

We understand the dangers many students face with an increased online usage, and we want to help. Our teachers have created a whole host of online safety resources for ages 3-12 that can be used to educate students on internet safety and cyberbullying.

The bundle is completely free of charge and can be downloaded below.

EducationCity & Online Safety

It has never been more important to educate our children about online safety. EducationCity covers a range of topics to ensure a happy and healthy online experience.

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Cyberbullying and cyberharassment or also known as online bullying, we have specific activities on this area, so students know what to do if they ever experience it.

As students spend more time online a healthy online balance has never been more important. Use our resources to help students understand the importance of this.

As we communicate via a screen when speaking online, it is important for us to be aware that we still must be kind and understanding, despite this lack of face-to-face communication.

An area that we’re sure is a part of many students’ lives, online gaming, can now come with in-product advertising and chat functions, so it is important to explore these dangers and go over how to handle them.

This is becoming more and more of a common area. Even without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction, our households or even cars can be controlled by technology, so it’s important we’re aware of this developing area.

Hacking can take place almost anywhere when technology is involved and privacy issues can arise, so when students are given technology tools, they need to be aware that they are connected to the internet and the dangers that can pose.

Awareness of Online Dangers

With our online safety resources, you can take students through the dangers of the internet and give them more understanding of what to look out for and how to act online, including setting up secure passwords, without steering them away from using this great tool.

Promote Safe Use of the Internet

Our online safety activities are directly designed to help students and teachers safely use the internet. It is important to instil this from a young age, so our activities start from year 3 and upwards, but can be accessed by anyone.

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One of the great features of EducationCity is the online safety tool which supports students and the fact that they use technology for learning or recreationally daily. It is an essential resource, in particular, for our pupils.”

Mr Gillies, Art & Design Lead, Computing Lead, Head of Key Stage 4 and Behaviour Manager, Sir Tom Finney Community High School, Preston

Raising Awareness of Safe Internet Use

Our resources directly help raise awareness of using the internet safely, such as exploring digital footprint and internet etiquette, so they have the skills and awareness they need to discover the internet securely.

The entire resources boosted the children’s knowledge on how to use the computer table for ICT skills, working as a team.”

Lauren Conte, Nursery Manager, The Day Nursery, Peterborough