EducationCity & The Senior Leadership Team

We understand the importance of supporting teachers and students to deliver the best outcome possible regarding student growth and development. Selecting a digital learning product can be an integral part of a school’s development, and we understand the decision-making process can require different criteria to that of teachers.

Let us show you how EducationCity can support you in delivering your school goals and objectives.

EducationCity & The SLT


Funding & Investment

We understand that using education technology requires investment and seeing substantial results and return on this investment is of the highest importance.

We are proud to offer highly competitive subscription pricing that works with your school budget. It has also never been easier to see a direct correlation between student progression and the use of our product via built-in, real-time data reports detailing student progression available to all teachers and SLT members.

Funding & Pricing

Enriched Education

EducationCity can help bring to life all of the core subjects within the classroom or at home.

With the use of rich graphics and real-life images, students can better grasp and master core-curriculum topics and areas of learning.

The resources within EducationCity cover a wide range of content types, designed to promote whole-child development and encourage inquiry-based learning.

EducationCity Overview

Student Growth & Progression


Core Subject Assessments

Data & Reporting

Our assessments and certain content types are automatically marked, meaning teachers can save large amounts of time in marking, all results are fed directly to the teacher dashboard in real-time.

Analysing learning gaps, strengths, and areas in need of improvement are simplified and progression can be easily displayed at an individual student level, group, or whole class.


Professional Development

We offer multiple training options on our product, completely free of charge which are all CPD accredited and will count towards teachers’ professional development hours.

Throughout an EducationCity subscription, our implementation and customer support experts provide ongoing complimentary training to ensure school staff is comfortable in using the product and making the most of it.

Professional Development

Our school sought an online learning experience to benefit our students. We were looking for a package that had an exciting and attractive user interface that would meet the needs and abilities of all of our pupils. EducationCity also supplements the curriculum and face-to-face learning, which was beneficial for our school in terms of linkage and consistency.”

Mr Gillies, Art & Design Lead, Computing Lead, Head of Key Stage 4 and Behaviour Manager, Sir Tom Finney Community High School, Preston

Enable Education Anywhere, Anytime

Education can continue in and out of the classroom or simultaneously, perfect in alleviating challenges brought on by the current climate. Teachers can plan lessons and administer work remotely, track data and student progress, all in real-time, so no learning is lost.

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The teacher dashboard enables senior leadership team members to get an instant view into EducationCity usage across different classes or year groups and analyse the correlations between the investment and student progress.

EducationCity and Your Students

See how EducationCity benefits a number of students from different schools across the UK.

Still the best online platform for children to learn and be re-enforced as a teaching tool. The fact that it shows children how to get the answer, whether they got it right or wrong, is a huge plus.”

Dean Houson, Headteacher, St Saviour’s RC Primary School, Lewisham