Supporting Various Learning Models for
An Enhanced Teaching & Learning Experience

EducationCity is built to help support various learning models, easily fitting into your everyday teaching and students’ learning, in and out of the classroom.

EducationCity & Learning Models

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EducationCity has a wide range of resources to aid your chosen delivery of learning experiences and teaching methods. We understand there is no one-size-fits-all design, which is why our resources are adaptable, content is responsive and our technology can integrate into your delivery easily due to the many options you have.


You can deliver independent learning with our resources to support your learning model, or have resources to use as a class where the content is responsive. Our technology can integrate into your delivery easily due to the many options you have.


You can be sure that the resources you are using on EducationCity align with the curriculum that you are following. There are lesson planning tools to support you in how you want to deliver our resource types.


Our resources can support all learning environments. Whether you focus on project work or independent learning and class-based discussion, there are so many resources on EducationCity to suit these delivery styles, and all can be easily added to your planning.

Culture & Development

We support your classroom learning culture and aim to inspire students to do so as well. Our resources are designed to help you understand where students are at as well as to helping them increase their knowledge.


Our resources can foster a culture of collaboration with group work in addition to supporting each other on any projects they may have. Teamwork and whole-class collaboration are just some of the models you can use to deliver our materials.

You can set up groups on EducationCity, which supports differentiation, and this is particularly ideal for our students’ varying needs. EducationCity can be set to meet these individual needs and abilities.”

Mr Gillies, Art & Design Lead, Computing Lead, Head of Key Stage 4 and Behaviour Manager, Sir Tom Finney Community High School, Preston

Direct Instruction

If you teach to this learning model, your students can go through a teacher-led Learn Screen on EducationCity and then independently follow up with an Activity as practice in the classroom or for home learning. You can then test your students with one of our many assessments to see if they have mastered objectives.

Distance Learning

Our resources can support your distance learning needs. You can set work from home, and students can learn at their own pace to fully understand the concepts they need. They can also engage with their classmates on PlayLive to foster cooperation and secure knowledge of key skills in English and Maths.

We can support your school’s learning needs across core subjects.

Investigation or
Inquiry-Based Learning

EducationCity’s resources, such as our Learn Screens or ThinkIts, can support this learning method, as they can be used for research work, investigative skills, to solve a puzzle or to aid the completion of a project.

Discussion Method

Our ThinkIts can also be used to support this method and encourage higher-level thinking. We have a range of resources on comprehension, debate skills and open-ended questions to inspire skills in higher-order thinking.

We can support your school’s learning needs across core subjects.

Carousel Learning

Whether you call it Carousal learning, or rotation stations or round robin learning, our times table tools or our reading comprehension and spelling lessons are perfect for this. Whether you operate in a system where you have various lessons and activities in them or have different activities during one lesson, EducationCity has many resource types to help with each area and for every learning style.

Cooperative or
Team Learning

EducationCity’s grouping function enables teachers to use this model with ease. From small group project collaboration to teaming up for investigations or discussions, our resources, such as the Videos, Learn screens, and ThinkIts, lend themselves to the needs of cooperative learning.

We can support your school’s learning needs across core subjects.

EducationCity for Your School

Watch an overview of EducationCity below and see how many schools across the globe have adopted the product as their education technology of choise.

[EducationCity] is really useful for things such as key group times as we can support smaller groups to take turns with the games. This way, everyone can have a go and help one another.

Lauren Conte, Nursery Manager, The Day Nursery, Peterborough