EYFS Case Study

Case Study: Using EducationCity to Support EYFS Learning at The Day Nursery, Peterborough

Based in Peterborough near Cambridgeshire, the family-owned, The Day Nursery, cares for children from three months old up to five years old. Committed to quality, the nursery has been awarded ‘outstanding’ ratings by Ofsted.

The passionate leaders behind the nursery have been using EducationCity for several years now and have purchased it through their early years pupil premium (EYPP) funding. Lauren Conte, Nursery Manager, says, “We wanted something to enhance the children’s use of ICT. We have had access to the programme for several years now and have taught many children using the excellent games!

“EducationCity is bright, vibrant and eye-catching. It stands out from other products as you have the use of various different characters with catchy and unique names such as Klara and Sten. The programme itself is interactive for the users. It’s challenging depending on the activity you use for the children and it also has a breakdown of activities that are suitable for different ages and stages.”

Using EducationCity for the Seven Areas of Learning & Development in the EYFS

EducationCity is used to boost skills in the seven areas of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).

For the prime areas of personal, social and emotional development, The Day Nursery uses EducationCity at ‘key group times’, when the children’s interest follows a specific theme.

To boost skills in the prime area of communication and language, the nursery uses EducationCity to ask open-ended questions and encourage talk. In particular, activities to do with ‘seasons and weather’ are used, and these support communication skills with the group and in turn, teach the children new words with frequent use.

It’s also used for the specific area of literacy, and activities such as letters, sounds and phonics are really useful for this. The nursery uses the songs which are engaging and fun to sing in the group.

For the specific area of mathematics, The Day Nursery uses group time games, counting activities and problem-solving. The activities on EducationCity are related to everyday scenarios, such as buying a bus ticket, which gives children the opportunity to make mathematical links to other things they might do day-to-day.

Finally, in Understanding the World, Charlotte Sefton, Early Years Lead Practitioner, says, “The entire resource boosts the children’s knowledge on how to use the computer table for ICT skills, working as a team. They can make links to different cultures for various activities too.”

“EducationCity has brought groups of children together; we find it a really valuable tool for ‘key group times’ so we can get all of the children involved in the sessions as much as possible.” Lauren Conte, Nursery Manager, The Day Nursery

Using EducationCity Successfully at The Day Nursery

On which resources the children love using the most on EducationCity, Lauren said “Anything that links to what the children’s interests are. For instance, currently, the children are loving all of the winter-themed activities.”

The programme also helps with students’ engagement too, as Lauren states: “The programme is really useful for things such as ‘key group times’ as we can support small groups to take turns with the games. This way, everyone can have a go and help one another.”

Finally, Lauren also said that EducationCity supported them with their ‘outstanding’ Ofsted status: “Yes, it’s a really good tool that other settings such as primary schools will use, and this helps to make consistent links for children. The resource when used fully can also track specific children.”

Charlotte would also recommend EducationCity to other nurseries: “The resource is valuable to the nursery. It adds another aspect to what we are offering the children and the games have always been well planned for the age groups of the children.”

“I love EducationCity because it is easy for the children to use, it’s eye-catching and engaging. We can set challenges to meet the needs of the children.”
Charlotte Sefton, Early Years Lead Practitioner, The Day Nursery

EducationCity is continuing to work with The Day Nursery to help them with their teaching and learning,