How to Use EducationCity Remotely With Parents During the School Holidays

Haylie Taylor, our Education Consultant and former teacher, goes through some ideas on using EducationCity with parents and encouraging learning during school holidays and remotely.

Read our tips below to get started!


We have many learning games on EducationCity, so parents don’t have to feel guilty when working remotely! With all of our games being educational, your child can log into PlayLive and start learning and playing! And the great thing about this is that they can get competitive against classmates, which is a great motivational booster for students. You can find these by clicking on ‘Search Content’.

Topic Tools

Although these are designed for teachers to use in classes, there’s nothing to stop you from using them at home. There are some great ones to build on and even test out your child’s learning! Some great examples are:

CVCC Words (42742)

Practice segmenting and blending skills whilst looking at recognizing real and nonsense words – a key skill for phonics!

Synonyms and Antonyms (42747)

For children in the upper end of the school, using a thesaurus and recalling synonyms and antonyms for a word is key when advancing their writing. This tool supports those areas and is an excellent help for creative writing.

Multiplication Tool (42773)

Whether you are looking at mental or formal written methods, this tool is a great way of practicing times tables at home.

Time (41768)

Telling the time will always be a foundational skill, so use this tool to help with learning to tell the time; if your children already can, change the settings to view two clocks and look at calculating time differences.

Seasons (42755)

If your child is in EYFS, then this is a handy one! Explore different events that are linked with the seasons. You may even be able to see some from your window!

Projects and Investigations

These are a great way to keep your children occupied as well as showing their teachers independent learning. Have a look at the EducationCity subject area to determine what units your child or children are learning, and set them off! Some great suggestions are:

Maths: Grab a bunch of socks and ask your child to count how many there are. Maybe make a note on some paper to practise writing numbers. Then ask them to pair the socks together. You can then count how many pairs for halves and doubles there are and see if there are any leftover socks. This will tell you whether the original number was odd or even! The ‘Odds and Evens’ Games will help with practising numbers and dividing.

English: Why not encourage your child to create a character of their choice? This could link with a favourite game, TV show or be a creation of their imagination. You can work on describing that character, from identifying colours to writing a full description. Children can then place their character into a setting, story, comic book or game of their creation!

Science: The best thing about science is enquiry, whereby we ask questions and work out answers for ourselves. This can be as simple as asking, ‘why do we wear woolly things in winter?’ ‘What minibeasts live in our garden?’  ‘What happens to shadows throughout the day?’ You’ll find some great investigation starters in our ThinkIts.

Log in here to get started and see how EducationCity can support you through holidays and encourage parental engagement.

Parents, we are also currently offering free trials to all schools. All parents need to do is contact your school to activate this.

Do you have any suggestions that have worked for you? We would love to hear them, so do contact us at You can also tag us on on Twitter (@EducationCity) or on EducationCity Facebook! If we like your idea, we may well include a template in a future resource pack so other teachers can benefit too!

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