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Supporting Schools During COVID-19

We are offering schools free access to EducationCity, including 24-hour access for students and teachers. Start your access by clicking below.

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We are hosting a number of webinars to help schools with using EducationCity during school closures.

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Free Online Interactive Activities

Explore our library of interactive EducationCity activities, perfect for use during school closures.

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A message from our team during COVID-19

We understand that many schools across our nation are experiencing disruptions during these difficult times. As a company committed to supporting education and teachers since 1999, we want to do everything we can to ensure education continuity for every student and school. We have expert knowledge and experience in distance learning and supporting schools with educational needs. We’re here to help, please don’t hesitate to contact us for any support during these challenging times. You can reach us on 01572 725080.

Read about how Colvestone Primary School in Hackney has used EducationCity during the school closures here.



Here at EducationCity, we’re passionate about providing engaging, educational resources and games for students aged 3-12 years, as well as time-saving tools that support teachers in the classroom and at home.

Find out how your school can benefit from using EducationCity.

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How EducationCity Supports Schools

EducationCity offers a flexible range of primary teaching resources for your education needs wherever you are.



You can plan all your lessons in advance.

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Caters to all teaching needs and styles.

Teach It


Engages your students to learn in a different way.

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Track student progress with our Activities and Assessments.

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Access EducationCity
Anytime, Anywhere

On Whiteboards

Get your whole class involved in learning and answering questions together.

On Laptops

Perfect for planning or to assess how your students are progressing.

On Tablet Devices

With new tablet-friendly content added regularly for your students to use independently.

At Home

Great for setting homework and encouraging parental engagement.

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Every school is different, we tailor our packages and primary teaching resources to accommodate all sorts of school sizes and needs.

Get in touch with us to find out about pricing to suit your school.

Don’t forget to ask about your funding options, not many schools know they can use their Pupil Premium funding to purchase EducationCity.

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Free Resource Packs

We have a whole host of FREE primary teaching resource packs for you to download, ranging from lesson ideas to worksheets.

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Take a look at the different ways we can support your school. Our friendly Customer Service Team is always here to help.

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