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All About… ‘I Would Like to Add & Edit Users’

We’ve recently changed up the face of EducationCity and updated the homepage to see resources and a Student Overview section.

Although we’ve added lots of cool new features to the homepage, we’re going to focus on one of the new tiles we’ve added to the Administrator homepage today, and that’s the ‘I would like to… Add & Edit Users’ tile.

Where Does the Add & Edit Users Tile Take You?

This tile takes you to Manage Users*, which is an area where Administrators and Teachers can go and see all the users set up on their EducationCity subscription, such as the Students, Classes and Groups on their account.

Administrators have full rights to edit this area and can add and delete users, upload users in bulk and more.

How Else Can Manage Users Help Me?EducationCity Homepage


Keep in touch with us – we’ll be posting more about the homepage next week so you can see other ways it can help you!

*You must have individual Administrator and Teacher login details to utilise the benefits of this tile.

**You must have Home Access to set up homework MyCities.

Please note that certain features will differ between the login types.

Wonde Integration

Managing users on EducationCity just became more simple with thanks to our partnership with Wonde. This allows schools (Administrators can connect with Wonde) to sync their Management Information System (MIS) with EducationCity so students are automatically updated. You can read more about this here.

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