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All About… ‘I Would Like to Set Classwork & Homework’

Did you know that we’ve recently updated the face of EducationCity and added a whole new homepage with super helpful features?

The new homepage is simple to use and makes getting to where you need easier!

Today, we’re going to focus on the tiles which are all about setting Classwork or Homework*. Let’s take a look.

Where Do the Set Classwork & Homework Tiles Take You?EducationCity Homepage

These tiles take you to Manage MyCity, where you can group resources for lessons in advance or for homework, and then track students’ progress. Here’s more about how this fantastic feature can help you.

How Can Manage MyCity Help Me?


Make sure you keep your eyes peeled next week – we’ll be going through other features on the homepage so you can see how they can help you!

*You must have Home Access to set up homework MyCities.

Please note that certain features will differ between the login types.

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