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Eek, it’s World Teachers’ Day!

Why’s today special? The 5th October marks World Teachers’ Day and we wanted to give all you fab teachers a big shout out, and a thank you for all the great work you do!

Eek, it’s World Teachers’ Day!

Team's Nominations…

We asked our team here at EducationCity who their favourite teacher was and why. Take a read at a few nominations below…

"Mrs Johnson was the headteacher of my local infant school. She was so patient, caring but firm and cared for kids on an individual basis, not just a school wide level." Holly Gee, Content artist

"I remember in primary school, I had a teacher called Mrs Newton who taught me maths. She was such a lovely lady and very kind." Katye White, Service and Implementation Manager 

“Mr Howard was awesome. He used to bring his guitar into class and help us remember what we were learning by making songs!” Matt Frost, Development Director

Have any nominations you'd like to share? Get in touch with us at @EducationCity and share them. 

Happy World Teachers’ Day everyone!




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