PlayLive Challenge Week: Day 4 English Worksheets

Ready to take on the PlayLive Maths Challenge on 21st and 22nd June*?

This pack is one of a series that looks to hone your students’ word creation and spelling skills and hopes to help your students achieve their best possible score in the PlayLive English Challenge. This particular pack concentrates on prefixes.

It includes worksheets, with answer sheets, a classroom-based activity idea, as well as ThinkIts, to help your students search out more words and longer words by adding prefixes to them, with the overall objective being to improve their score! 

Suitable For: 5-11 Year Olds

What’s in the Pack?

This pack includes:

  • Activity Idea: The Affix Garden
  • Worksheet and Answer Sheet: Spelling
  • Worksheet and Answer Sheet: Spelling
  • ThinkIt: Supermarket Prefixes
  • Worksheet and Answer Sheet: Spelling
  • ThinkIt: Prefix im

* PlayLive Challenge Day is on the 21st June for international schools and on the 22nd June for UK-based schools.

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