Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is part of the oldest and largest drug prevention program in the nation, and reaches millions of young people every year, encouraging them to make healthy choices and say “no” to alcohol and drugs.

As educators, it is important to help students understand the dangers of illegal drugs, while also highlighting the value of developing healthy habits for coping with stress, making smart choices and never losing sight of their bright futures ahead.

Our posters and Fact sheets are excellent resources to use as classroom conversation starters. And because we know the importance of not only staying healthy by saying “no” to drugs and alcohol, but also by living a healthy lifestyle, this month’s ThinkIts focus on ways students can develop good habits and manage stress.

What’s in the Pack?

Your topical teaching resources includes:

  • 2 Activity Sheets: Healthy Habits and Drug Free Pledges
  • 2 Fact Sheets: How Do You Stay Healthy and What is Red Ribbon Week
  • 2 ThinkIts: Dealing with Stress and Healthy Habits
  • Posters: Color and Black & White

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