Safer Internet Day

Celebrate Safer Internet Day with your classroom! Help students learn about how to keep safe when using the Internet.

To mark the occasion, we have some Topical Resources to share with your students.

What’s in the Pack?

Your topical teaching resources includes:

  • 1 Lesson Plan: Discover positive and negative aspects of the Internet.
  • 2 Fact Sheets: Understand the importance of staying safe on the Internet and explore the different ways you can stay safe when using the Internet.
  • 5 ThinkIts: Discover why you shouldn’t open “spam” emails, understand why it’s important not to share personal details online, learn why it’s important to always check the acts when doing online research, consider the keywords you enter when using the search engine and understand what personal information is safe to share when others online.
  • 2 Posters

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