World Book Day Topical Teaching Resources

Have fun exploring new books, characters and authors this World Book Day with our biggest ever World Book Day Pack.

Suitable for: 3-11 year olds

What’s in the Pack?

This pack extends over 60 pages and includes:

  • Activity Ideas: to increase the amount your students read, increase the range of books they read, increase parental involvement, support character development, improve story development,  or just for fun!
  • Fact Sheets: Hans Christian Andersen, Hans Christian Andersen’s Best Known Tales, Roald Dahl, Brothers Grimm, Fairy Tales
  • Lesson Plans: Roald Dahl x 2, The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale
  • Resource Sheets: focusing on story settings, characters, alternative endings, cartoon strips, book reviews, a Roald Dahl book review, book covers, bookmarks x 2, finger puppets, writing paper
  • Activity Sheets: Brothers Grimm, Great Outdoors

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