Learning Case Study

Case Study: Using EducationCity for Whole-Class Learning

Peel Hall Primary School is a two-form entry primary school based in Salford. There are approximately 430 students currently on roll at the school and EducationCity has been used by the school since 2009.

Teacher and Computing Coordinator, Mr Pickering, explains how the school has benefitted from using EducationCity in a whole-class learning environment on digital screens provided by Alpha Interactive Screens.

I use EducationCity regularly as part of my teaching; combining this excellent ICT resource with other teaching strategies when teaching as a whole class is a good way of keeping lessons fresh, different and engaging. I tend to use the Activities most as starters, plenaries or extension tasks for children to apply their learning.

Using EducationCity on Digital Screens

When using EducationCity as a whole class, it works really well on the Alpha Interactive Screens. It engages the class and keeps all of the children involved; I can even leave the whole class to do an activity together on the screens which allows me time to give the books out. Also, having the Alpha Interactive Screens means all of my class can enjoy using EducationCity’s content as a group and can get involved with selecting their own answers on the screen. They are engaging and, as my class is at a fairly young age, they enjoy the fun animations after each question or activity. 

They particularly love PlayLive and have begun to choose this over non-educational games at playtime which is impressive!

PlayLive is also great on the digital screens; it’s good for basic maths practice and a good confidence booster to win against children from other schools.The most useful thing about the Activities being used on the digital screens is that they are more engaging than simply typing things out in a file and can save time when planning lessons. Furthermore, the Learn Screens are great for whole-class learning as they introduce new concepts to the children, in particular, areas of grammar and maths. They explain things in a way which I may not always do myself so it’s like having another teacher in the classroom for five minutes; they also give concepts a context which helps students to understand them.

What is PlayLive?

Interactive, competitive games which allow students to pitch their knowledge against others in a timed environment. PlayLive is great for testing students’ knowledge and improving recall skills.

What are Learn Screens?

Animated Learn Screens introduce and reinforce topics or concepts. They can be used by individual students or a whole class to help them gain a thorough understanding of a topic.

EducationCity and the National Curriculum

EducationCity works well with the curriculum. It is clear that they have done a lot of work to ensure new objectives are met and it is quick and easy to find activities to practise specific skills.

Student Feedback

Here’s what some of Mr Pickering’s students said about EducationCity:

“I like EducationCity because it’s fun but you get to practise things at the same time.”

Year 2 Student

“I really like PlayLive, especially when I beat children from other schools.”

Year 2 Student

Overall, EducationCity being used on the Alpha Interactive Screens provides students with lots of opportunities to practise and consolidate learning as a class.

EducationCity also supports me with quick starters, plenaries or extension tasks and provides me with a wide variety of content to help with whole-class teaching.

*Names have been changed to protect the individual’s identity.