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Science Games

Our science games and resources include eye-catching photos and real images, so whether you’re using EducationCity to introduce a concept or to support what your students have learnt during a practical experiment, it will bring the subject to life in your classroom!

Science Learn Screens

Our Learn Screens give you step-by-step tutorials to explain different processes or concepts visually. Often paired with Activities, they give the information which the Activity later tests and reinforces.

Science Topic Tools

Our open-ended whiteboard tools are fantastic for science, enabling teachers to perform virtual experiments to explain scientific processes. Especially useful when risk or time limitations come into play!

Science Assessments

Our Science assessments are designed to support summative and diagnostic assessment, with each assessment scored against the curriculum criteria. Once your students have taken an assessment, you can see which areas they need to improve in, and each student is given a personalised Revision Journal.

Top Picks

Take a look at some of our Activities below. They are completely FREE to access.

Moody Monsters

Age 4-5

Will It Bend?

Age 6-7

Circle of Life

Age 10-11

"I would recommend using the Topic Tools, particularly in Science. They immediately engage the children and allow the children to visualise scientific concepts easily."

Mr Chambers,
ICT Coordinator, Brierley Forest Primary School, Nottingham

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