Supporting You Throughout the Academic Year With Meeting Students’ Individual Needs

Combine a multitude of assessment techniques with engaging remedial content to remedy students’ learning gaps.

We’re here to support your teaching and learning goals with instructional content in the core subjects, assessments to identify misconceptions and close gaps, and teacher tools to save you time.

EducationCity educational learning

“[EducationCity] has helped with consolidating key skills both at school and at home. Children are able to practise what they have learned at school at home as well.”

Nasima Ephraim, Leader of Learning, Colvestone Primary School, Hackney

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EducationCity is used across schools in over 80 countries globally.

We love EducationCity! Last year saw my class phonics screening results improve dramatically through EducationCity. The children love the games, and the engagement during whole-class teaching is 100%.

Mrs Tracy Sharp, Year 1 Teacher, Old Earth Primary School, Calderdale

Personalised Learning 

You’ll have access to personalised learning tools to help you tailor education for each student in your class.

– Personalised learning paths to address any misconceptions 
– Data analysis tools to monitor progress throughout the school year 
– Grouping tools to focus on certain learning levels 
– Formative assessments to continually review progress

Assessment for Learning

EducationCity, across the core subjects, offers integrated assessments and data tracking that enables you to truly examine and track students’ knowledge to address any gaps. 

With over 120 curriculum-mapped assessments that can be used for formative, summative and unit testing, you can easily pinpoint exactly where your students may need support or advanced work. 

– Automated learning paths are assigned to students once learning has taken place 
– Assessments in English, maths, and science 
– Ideal for reviewing students’ understanding throughout the whole year 
– Address gaps easily and support growth

Discover EducationCity

Specialising in primary teaching resources, EducationCity provides teachers with curriculum-mapped content for students aged 3-12. To support students’ growth and development, teachers can benefit from rigorous assessments with measurable outcomes. We provide adaptive, personalised content based on students’ needs and time-saving tools to benefit teachers.

With 24-hour access for all, learning can take place anywhere, anytime. With high-quality, trusted teaching and assessment support, and tools to save you time planning and marking, we’re here to support your school’s vision.

Interrupted Learning 

With the abrupt changes to schooling last academic year, experts suggest some students may have lost the equivalent of a full school year of academic gains by the time they return this academic year.

This presents the question of how to prepare for these potential knowledge gaps. EducationCity can help you prepare with its robust assessments that can support you with reviewing your students’ progress and identifying where intervention is needed. Available in the core subjects, you can test your students with formative, summative and unit assessments to truly see their understanding. 

– Automatic learning pathways are aligned to each of your student’s learning needs 
– Over 120 assessments to measure your students’ learning levels 
– Data analysis tools to help you with diagnosing any needs earlier 
– Tools to help students close gaps in their learning

Over 6,000 Resources 

We are fully aligned to UK-wide curricula, including the national curriculum in England and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. EducationCity covers the core subjects of English, maths and science and boasts over 6,000 pieces of content that can be used both online and offline. 

Our rich, curriculum-mapped content is ideal to fit with any lesson and can be allocated to individual students, whole classes, or even groups. 

– Curriculum-aligned content in the core subjects  
– Resources built by experienced teachers and educational experts who understand the demands on teaching  
– Resources can be used for lesson planning, homework, and topic mastery 
– Supports the enhancement and enrichment of the teaching and learning process

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EducationCity educational learning

Assess to address misconceptions and view strengths

EducationCity offers a whole library of curriculum-aligned formative, summative, and unit assessments that can be used to inform teaching and learning and see your students’ progress.

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EducationCity educational learning

Personalised revision pathways that can be used independently

All of our assessments generate revision pathways personalised to each student based on their assessment results. These can be given to parents to be completed independently at home, and you can monitor any scores wherever you are.

EducationCity educational learning

Data reporting tools to give you visibility into progress

Our intuitive data reporting tools take marking away from you and enable you to really pinpoint where gaps may lie and where you can assign resources to support misconceptions.

Learn more: Data Reporting

EducationCity educational learning

24/7 access for core subject learning

The resources and teacher tools can all be accessed 24/7, which is ideal for distance learning, and teachers can even set up groups to ensure they are giving specific sets of students work to do.

EducationCity educational learning

Support for senior leadership teams and Ofsted reporting

EducationCity is an ideal solution to support any staff absences or for printing reports to show parents and Ofsted.

Learn more: Senior Leadership Teams

EducationCity educational learning

Time-Saving Teacher Tools

Lack of time is a common classroom challenge for teachers. To improve teacher workload and improve the success rate for students, we aim to empower all teachers and give them valuable time back by automating certain aspects of the teaching and learning journey.

Learn more: EducationCity and Teachers

Professional Development

We offer various professional development options in which you and your staff can gain certified professional development (CPD) accreditation. Accreditation is earned when you attend one of our training options. We can tailor these training sessions to suit the specific needs of your school, making your time truly worthwhile.

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Our expert team listens to your school’s needs and ensures EducationCity is being utilised in a way that helps with it becoming a success. We deliver bespoke advice to support your implementation needs to give you maximum return on investment – we want to support schools with making implementing EducationCity a smooth experience.

Complimentary training and support

We know how important it is to implement new technology effectively in your school. With trained teachers and years of experience in customer service, our team delivers personalised training sessions and offers these to new starters too, all on a complimentary basis.

Certified professional development options

Many of our training options are CPD accredited, which means you can earn your credit whilst learning about EducationCity. We like to share your staff’s CPD success, but we also like to share students’ success with you, so we’ll check in regularly to ensure everything is okay and if any training is needed.

Children can access it at home very easily and learn those skills and practice those skills they’ve been learning in school.

Mrs Walmsley, Headteacher, Park Road Sale Primary School

How we can support your school

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