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Supporting You With Meeting Students' Needs in and Out the Classroom

We’re committed to supporting the thousands of schools we work with in the UK and worldwide to make success a reality for every single student. With assessments, personalised revision pathways, data reporting tools and 6,000 pieces of content in the core subjects that can be used 24/7 in school and at home, we can help schools worldwide. Let us take some of the marking, planning and assessing away from teachers and give you more time to spend where it matters – supporting every students’ goals.

Supporting your needs, EducationCity is an assessment, teaching and learning program that combines a multitude of assessing techniques with engaging remedial content.

  • Instructional content in the core subjects
  • Identifies misconceptions
  • Closes gaps in learning
  • Pinpoints strengths and weaknesses
  • 24/7 hour access for in-school or at home use

With schools closed, we are offering all schools free access to EducationCity to support with remote learning

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We’ve listened to teacher feedback and changes in the education landscape, and relooked at EducationCity based on your needs.



Assess to address misconceptions and view strengths

EducationCity offers over 90 curriculum-aligned formative, summative and unit assessments, that can be used to inform teaching and learning and see your students’ progress.


Personalised revision pathways that can be used independently 

All of our assessments generate revision pathways personalised to each student based on their assessment results. These can be given to parents to be done independently at home, and you can monitor any scores wherever you are.


Data reporting tools to give you visibility into progress

Our intuitive data reporting tools take marking away from you and enable you to really pinpoint where gaps may lie and where you can assign resources to support misconceptions.


24/7 access for core subject learning

The resources and teacher tools can all be accessed 24/7, which is ideal for distance learning, and teachers can even set up groups to ensure they are giving specific sets of students work to do.


Support for senior leadership teams and Ofsted reporting 

EducationCity is an ideal solution to support with any staff absences or for printing reports to show parents and Ofsted.

Call us for a complimentary consultation to see how we can support your school with obtaining its unique goals

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Futureproofing your teaching and learning with the new and improved EducationCity

We know how turbulent this year has been, and we also know how important it is to ensure you have the tools in place to ensure you can move education forward and support a continuation of learning regardless of if your students are working from home or in the classroom.

  • You can set assessments remotely to ensure your students are up to speed and addressing any gaps.
  • You can support parents by using the personalised revision pathways for independent learning.
  • You can set work from wherever you are and monitor progress.
  • You can use our PlayLive feature as a class, so your students are still learning with their classmates.
  • You can give your students a resource with 24/7 access, so they are always able to learn.

Please contact us on 01572 725080 or customerservice@educationcity.com for any questions.


Assessments by Type and Year Group

Assessment Table

Achieve your goals with our expert implementation team to help

Implementation needs

Our expert team listen to your school’s needs and ensure EducationCity is being utilised in a way that helps with them becoming a success. We deliver bespoke advice to support your implementation needs to give you maximum return on investment – we want to support schools with making implementing EducationCity a smooth experience.

Complimentary training and support

We know how important it is to implement new technology effectively in your school. With trained teachers and years of experience in customer service, our team deliver personalised training sessions and can deliver these to new starters too – all on a complimentary basis.

Certified professional development options

Many of our training options are CPD accredited, which means you can earn your credit whilst learning about EducationCity. Also, we like to share your staff’s CPD success, but we also like to share students’ success with you, so we’ll check in regularly to ensure everything is okay and if training is needed.

How we can support your school

Listen to some of our subscribing schools and find out how they use EducationCity to support them with their learning.

Positively impacting schools' teaching and learning goals

“Children can access it at home very easily and learn those skills and practice those skills they’ve been learning in school."
Mrs Walmsley, Headteacher, Park Road Sale Primary School

Positively impacting schools' teaching and learning goals

"My children use the EducationCity website nearly every day. They think that it's a really fun way of learning."
Jennifer Trill, Parent

Positively impacting schools' teaching and learning goals

“It has helped with consolidating key skills both at school and at home. Children are able to practice what they have learnt at school at home as well.”
Nasima Ephraim, Leader of Learning, Colvestone Primary School

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