EducationCity & Wonde: MIS Integration

At EducationCity, we want to make using our assessment and curriculum resources as easy as possible, which is why you can connect EducationCity to your Management Information System (MIS).

How Do You Do This?

Connection is easy with EducationCity’s integration partner, Wonde. Wonde supports thousands of schools across the UK and beyond by providing an easy-to-use platform that can connect to your MIS.

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How Does This Help Me?

It means that if you have Wonde, you won’t need to do any manual uploads to EducationCity – your staff and students will be automatically added and updated from your MIS.

What Does It Mean?

It’s important to know that by integrating with Wonde, you will receive lots of benefits and save time, but your current student and teacher information or scores, MyCities and Revision Journals will be removed. New login details will be generated and if you require a copy of your students’ scores, please export these from SuccessTracker.

What About GDPR?

Under the GDPR, schools have to understand their supplier processes and take control of their data. Wonde makes sure you are in control and have visibility of what data is being accessed by third parties, as approved by your school.

Benefits of Wonde

We offer all-inclusive subscriptions to our product, meaning that for one fixed price, you’ll receive the full capabilities of EducationCity. Pricing is determined based on pupil roll. We can work with you to fully support and meet your requirements.

Saves time
inputting data

Automatic updating
of users via MIS

Optimal use of assessment
progress tracking

Log in via Wonde

No extra login details
to remember

Students log in via
emojis or QR codes*

*Additional subscription fee required for QR code and emojis login option

Want to find out more about Wonde and our EducationCity integration?

How Do I Get Started?

Your school’s Admin user will need to log in and go to the ‘Integrations’ tab in Account Management. If your school is already using Wonde, simply click ‘Connect with Wonde’ and you will receive communications from Wonde to approve the connection – it’s free, easy and quick!*

If you don’t have Wonde just yet, click ‘Connect with Wonde’ and you’ll be given the option to book an integration meeting with the Wonde team. You’ll be up and running in no time! If you want to find out more about Wonde, click here.

*Teachers will need to contact their Admins to integrate with Wonde. Usernames and passwords will be changed when connecting with Wonde.

What If My School Doesn’t Want the Link?

If your school doesn’t want this feature, you don’t need to do anything and can continue to upload students to EducationCity manually. You can integrate at any time in the future if you change your mind.

Why Use Wonde for Assessments?

Based on teacher feedback, we’ve connected the dots with assessment data and our curriculum content with 90 integrated assessments for maths, English and science.

With Wonde, logging in is easier as students use the Wonde platform to access EducationCity. This means assessments can be used more easily, without worrying about separate logins, and scores are tracked for you to review progress. Revision Journals are also created for personalised learning.

Want to find out more about Wonde and our EducationCity integration?